Wode Maya Walked Off My Interview || Magufuli's Vision Ft Miss Trudy || MUST WATCH

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Hey Guys! πŸ‘‹πŸ½β™₯️

@WODE MAYA Got real passionate about how he feels about Tanzania! It was so nice sitting with my good friends Maya and @Miss Trudy . I am so glad they are in Tanzania enjoying their stay. Let me know what you guys think or feel about what he’s saying!
I am not accepting consultations right now! I will let you guys know when I start to accept appointments again. ❀️

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Jewels On The Run says:


Margert James says:

Woda Maya you are completeily right, you are telling her the truth. Without your fans, your cannot take it !! You are talking like a pastor may God almight bless you for all the good works you are doing.May 2022 be a year of blessing for you and your family. In Jesus name amen, emmanuel God Is With Us all amen.

Merlene Shaw says:

I agree with Wode Maya's statement. If all the country's on the continent of African was to unite and trade among themselves nothing could stand against them, because the rest of the world want what Africa has. United we stand Divided we fall.

Lovely Africa says:

Wode Maya, I love you, you are the truth!

Pat Omene says:

From wode Maya

Louis Lark says:

Superb and immensely informative interview.

jojoko64 says:

Check out Joshua Maponga on Pan African D TV

Big Guaa says:

Alot people going to use him for his platuform

Novlet Mills says:

I welcome all that he stands for. I am tired of other telling lies about the continent.

Powerto Thepeople says:

You should say the place where they kept the enslaved

Gideon lord - Adem says:

It is true. They killed the man. The same way Obama and the rest also killed Gaddafi

MaggieE says:

Unity/Code of conduct.

Porsche's corner says:

Am here because of Wade Maya

TheKingterri says:

Great one.
Rest In Peace.

ID winner says:

I understand Maya walking away because if he didn't his going to say more bitter things that is going on in Africa. By the colonizers and our leader. Maya I hnow how you feel, it's very painful the state at which Africa his.

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