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Ife Davidsons says:

Some Yorubas who dont understand Yoruba would be interested in hearing you baba Sunday.

Tribal Tastes Foods says:

Chief Igboho you should speak Yoruba for this is going to be our national language and to actualise our independent we will not progress if we dont commune in our own language speaking English is one of those tricks the so called elite have used to con manipulate oppress dispossessed marginalised impoverished pauperised subjugate and perpetuate their evil regime on the masses YORUBA OUR LINGUA FRANCA IN ODUA LAND

Osahon Odion says:

Na Who inglish help

God is great Always says:

The English even cherished our dialect. Nonsense oyinbo ko phonetic ni. Mr igboho shine on sir.

Able godson says:

His name is Sunday 撾儭

Sunday Oshonaiye says:

If you dont go after tinubu and fashola and oluwo youre wasting your time

Rash man says:

God protection will never leave you my sir Sunday it's time all our dulling celebrity to come out and fight this together with us

MonitorTV Ibi1 says:

I like the way Sunday Igboho talks…carry go Kate. With all the educated people weve in Yorubaland what have they done to progress the country

Nikky Adekomi says:

Oloye carry go jare, awa o gboyinbo o

inno mat says:

What has English do for us? He is not educated in English but educated in his Yoruba language period. Carry on Igboho your love for your people is more than English education. I respect you and MNK for this character.

Agboola Bukola says:

More wisdom sir

omolara eleja says:

English kill Nigerians finish, Russian President is addressing the public he doesn't Speak English language.
Igboho Osha, i like it real Yoruba sweet jare, who English language help.

yemi reda says:

What's the big deal if the dude speak English or not? We are really Mad in this country. Is English our language? Awon werey dede.

Adenike Lawal says:

Who English help? They have used English to enslaved and corrupt the country.

Prinze Akinzmo says:

I'm Highly Proud Of My United Yorubas Language

iwillseejesuschrist Gbenga says:

What has English language fetched us: corruption. What matter most is the true love u have for your people.

Adepoju Adeniyi says:

What's the big deal if Igboho Oosha speaks English or not, and what's so special about English anyway, is it not a language like any other? I honestly think it's about time we start to come off the mentality of slavery we daily exhibit.

What would have been shameful is for Igboho Oosha, being a full blooded Yor羅b獺 man, not to be able to speak or understand Yor羅b獺 language very well.
What values has the English-speaking prowess of those who claim to speak better English, than even the Queen, added to our people.
Igboho Oosha has been able to do, within a short period, what the so-called "alkadas 'nd alakowes" failed to or couldn't do for decades.
Ashan oloriburuku gbogbo.

For your information, our Constitution will be deeply rooted in our culture to reflect and portray who we really are.
We are not English, we are Yor羅b獺 people. Our official language and language of study from primary to university will be Yor羅b獺.
We are emerging as a real nation that we are and emancipating ourselves from mental slavery once and for all.

We are Yor羅b獺 people and not English, our language is very full and rich, even richer than many other languages including English, and we are proud of this.

Igboho Oosha, we are solidly with you. Arm-in-arm with arms, we'll fight to victory.
YORB NATION now, not negotiable.

epic bloxergang says:

I Adore you mr igboho God blessed you you will conquering your enemies

9japhones says:

Very funny man second sanyeri

MJ MJ says:

Nigeria most divide now.

Ayodele Akinwale says:

Which English? Is this person asking this question okay? Chief Sunday is not an English man by the way English is a borrowed language so what's bad about speaking his own biological language? No wonder Nigeria failed . Must we speak English before we make it in life?

Grace of God says:

How can I like this video more than once. Love you mr Sunday Sunday igboho

Julius Okojie says:

Sunday Igboho too correct. He have more sense than those politicians

olanrewaju aderibigbe gratitude says:

God bless you Majasola

Maria Ayobami says:

Is not the mater of grammar…we all need change no slavery

Roseline Bolanle says:

We love you and the way you talk Awon Alakowe da屢雷elu gbogbo grammar won shameless leaders…..E maa base lo jare

OO A says:

I am not happy with your video title it was not funny at all! I will advice you to change it!
Firstly, The chief Sunday IGBOHO is not an ilitrate!
Secondly, He has been touring around the world like Nigeria thieves leaders destroying Nigeria at The moment! Come to think of it any Nigeria thats has been in any embassy in Nigeria to apply for visa is not an ilitrate talkless of jetting out of Nigeria, because traveling is part of Education.
Finally he's a wise one and greatest mesiah of our Time!!

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