Video Editor Reacts to Cardi B – Up [Official Music Video]

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In this video, I react to Cardi B – Up [Official Music Video] from a professional music video editor and filmmaking perspective! Thank you for all the recent support!

My name is Jordan Orme. I’m a professional film editor for artists like Justin Bieber, Roddy Ricch, Tyga, and many more. You won’t want to miss out!

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God Bless!


Jordan Orme says:

Send me a DM on insta, I always reply 🙂

Pearl Thomoson says:

do Halsey nightmare

revluvbae studies says:

The barbie doll thing creeps me outtt

Sergio Raul says:

Please… Sweet Melody – – Little Mix

믿쎄라_육아TV says:

눈에 안약을… in bible. Open your eyes 👀 You can do it by Bible, dreams, and holy spirit.♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤

gauri h pai says:

hey idk if you are interested in animated once you can react to Dan Bull like all mine craft songs idk if u did reaction on that

Unicorn Sparkle says:

We all need some dance therapy 🥰

andrea says:

pls i love your reactions sm

Cicera Santos says:

React the music "GIRL FROM RIO" of Anitta

¡ lemon ! ;;. says:

Dance Therapy Supremacy

lana pepper says:

When he was singing it sounded like he was singing the ph intro 🤣🤣

Newt-ish says:

R.I.P for the kids looking for up 😔

Brianna says:

I am 14 years old and I am a girl. Actually I didn't watch the MV but I came here to see your reaction…. I really love to watch your reactions bcuz your so funny…

- D9 says:

And I love caird b

Apprajit Vaibhav says:

You literally needed to react to DJ snake videos Jordan😉😉

Stray Kids Master chef says:

I love your dance therapy! XD


React to doja cats songs plz

Abigail Michaelis says:

When you worry it's homophobia and it turns out to be covid concerns 😁 'Let's not be putting our tongues into other people's mouths.' 😁

Kai TheCosplayGuy says:

The noises he’s making when describing music cuts make me both laugh and feel annoyed

Sammy says:

"If you're under 18 this might not be for you."

Me a 13 year old who has already seen the vid more than once: I love being rebellious

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