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Kilarigbo, is a contemporary Nigerian entertainment TV magazine programme borne from the need to fuse the popular indigenous Yoruba culture into the growing entertainment industry of Nigeria and the rest of the world.
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insha'Allah we will not back down insha'Allah olorun atiwa layin awon Lagbara olorun


Kilarigbo did u know I almost got heart attack when I had he was arrested is my brother that inject me with sleeping injection when I wake I was just cry until my uncle told is in good hand as am taking to u is 2:35 now in Saudi Arabia but I can go home am in Makkah near the Kaaba am just praying I can t sleep ya Allah help us

Olubunmi Osanyinbi says:

I stand with chief Sunday Adeyemo igboho. He s not a criminal. Dont release him to Fulani government of Nigeria they want to kill him.

oganla babs 1 says:

I have vigorously been following the news and I oary for igboho everyday, he is the voice of the voiceless and he will prevail over buhafi and his cronies. Nigeria is a prison and a slave country

Alhaja Dopemu says:

Yes oooooo Yoruba Nation

Mcakins Sunny says:

The Bible says the eyes of the LORD can't behold iniquities, iniquities means} injustice, impunity, inequality, nepotism, tribalism corruption, banditry, terrorism, kidnapping, destroying other people's livelihoods, romancing criminal elements because of selfish interest and demonic aspiration that HEAVEN had aborted. GOD is too faithful to fail. His name is LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, CONSUMING FIRE, TERRIBLE MAN IN BATTLE, I AM THAT I AM. I stand to be corrected, Yoruba should specially pray for prof Akintoye, Sunday Igboho, Koiki and other freedom fighters.

First Firstkpokpo says:


Fazabas Kareem says:

Igboho is a freedom fighter

Fazabas Kareem says:

Igboho is not a criminal

Olusegun Adeleye says:

Man mi no waste your time in london with your protest as the uk dont care whatever you are doing since youve been protesting out there how many times have you seen it on the news? Never! But since last week theyve been showing protest in cuba so what does that tells you this are the people behind our suffering we need to come together and ask the british and the rest of the world what have we black people and africa has done to deserve ill treatment anyway this is what need to do

Toyin Mosuro says:

God bless My brother Sunday Adeyemo,ota ko ni fi emi re se irubo lagbara olorun,
Pro Akintoye agba yin a dale ju be lo,l really appreciate you sir.Gid will fight this battle for Yoruba's in Jesus name.
Koiki more wisdom and devine protection over you in Jesus mame.

Moustapha SALIOU says:

K簷 y矇 waaa ! K穩 ni 穫b癡r羅n* awon Fulani at I Northerners n穩pa p矇 Southerners West-East k簷 f矇 b獺 won se m獺 ?

Moustapha SALIOU says:

B矇癡ni, os癡s癡 b癡r癡 ni !

Moustapha SALIOU says:

Olohun 獺 f繳n wa she ! la ti B矇nin Republic !

Moustapha SALIOU says:

Mr Oloyomi Koiki, video l獺 ti B矇nin Republic so nipa p矇 k穩 awon oba Yoruba m癡w ati Dr Akintoye Banji l獺 to kn s穩 ijoba wa n穩 B矇nin Republic n穩b穩, la ti so f繳n Aare we Talon p矇 Sunday Igboho k穫穩 s矇 odrn r獺r獺 b穩 ijob獺 Nigeria to so.

olaide kazeem says:

I love ur courage. There is no freedom without sacrifice.

Ali Baba Kano says:

SUNDAY IGBOHO is a True Coward , he have to runs out of the Country in the middle of the Night , to a neighboring Country on the way to Germany . He was Captured like a CHICKEN and Chains like a dog . I learned that he's crying like a baby ever since he was Captured .
He is going to Dance for the MUSIC he played . He is a Traitor and the ENEMY OF NIGERIA , he most be punished according to the CRIMES he Committed .

Kehinde Steven says:

One thing is % sure God is Almighty, his bigger than everyone.

Kehinde Steven says:

One thing is % sure God is Almighty, his bigger than everyone.

adedamola tayo says:

Thank God he is now in Germany

David Oyeleye says:

I love the way you talk, Yoruba and English

Ayodeji Lanre says:

You pushed Sunday igboho into trouble and ran away to London Seriously, i don't why Sunday igboho refused to listen to wisdom advice that Nigeria is not worth dying for Seriously.

Veronica Kun says:

God almighty will continue to protect, guide and strengthen Sunday Igboho and all the Yoruba freedom fighter. Freedom is ours at last in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Wake Up says:


Wake Up says:


Oalyori Clifford says:

Our Protests today should be in front of Benin Republic Embassy and UN all over the world and all Yorubas in Germany should organise a Protest 2gether with Sunday Igboho's Family in front of Angela Merkel office she's a very good President that always listen to her people

Susan Bose says:

To God be the glory

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