United prepare for Villarreal encounter | UEFA Champions League | Villarreal v Manchester United

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Watch Manchester United train ahead of our UEFA Champions League fixture against Villarreal on Tuesday.

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뚱이 says:

only one , ten hag

Shravan Viraj Cunchala 🎵 says:

Maguire and lindelof need to be sold or kept as reserve players not starters. They don’t have the united spirit in them at all. For heaven sake give the captains armband to Cristiano or Bruno.

Mohamed Khairy says:

Love u Carrick, love u MANU

Javier alonso Monsalve jaramillo says:

Felicitaciones! se notó otra energía otra vibra.

E.M.R says:

Sancho scoring his first goal. Bet 50

jacek michalski says:


Dejan Markovic says:

Why is VdB even training? He's not even in the bench! The fkn audacity to keep playing McFred…Carrick must be in a hurry to get sacked.

MB ❤( PRODER ) says:

Let's go guys !!! Ronaldo save maybe again

mrinmoy Roy says:

Manchester United ❤️❤️

laurence tang says:

I dunno if it’s great play by sancho or poor defending by maguire

Cerberus 91 says:

Only Cavani can save United

Him says:

No killer instinct. Just a bunch a little girls out there .

Premium Blanf says:

Dean Henderson

AWB Lindelof Maguire Telles
McTominay VDB
Greenwood Cavani Sancho

QA says:

Maguire needs to get some yoga sessions in the stiff legged, big wage wasting, fake captain, overseas felon

Paul Mc Queen says:

were is pogba

Akum Joseph says:

Even during training Maguire can't pass the ball rightly

Bewbey Bsmty says:

Maguire potato

Manav E Rajeev says:

1000th comment

December Miracle says:

Lets build new era.. Look at chelsea man city madrid barcelona if the team doesnt perform sack manager not waiting until last day like ole.. my friend wearing t shirt liverpool 5 0 to mocking me.

Gaminggg says:

Kapan jones duet Ama maguire

Sajan Koirala says:

am i wrong to feel excited??

Legoz says:

Who is man utd coach after ole out of man utd?

La Haizy says:

Now the blame shifts to Carrick n dem🤣

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