The Bola Tinubu Doctrine

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The winning doctrine of Bola Tinubu.


Chuck Olu says:

It is all a game. They will clear him soon or before 2023

Jayeoba Bolarinwa says:

The table has turned to Jagaban, they'll soon roast him in the CCB tribunal. His unholy alliance has eventually gone sour. If he knew, shouldn't have agreed with that nightmare of himself becoming a president…

Puff D says:

Now's that some logic…👍

Jones Cosbi says:

They have all sold their birth rights

femi ola says:

Please tell your agent or your promoter to refund my money. I sent $250.00 to my brother through send wave. Money is not delivered. I did not get refund. Send wave keep on playing games. You promoted send wave as a good company whereas it is a fraud. Who knows if send wave gives you some of the proceeds?
I will not stop destroying you and send wave until I get my money back. Adeola Fayehun is also a culprit in crime. I am waiting for her lies to tell her about fraudulent activities of send wave.
My name is Femi.

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