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The begotten son of lucifer is birth on earth for a mystic mission with souls of human caught spirit in the underworld. When the line is crossed, a new approach from Adigun and the jinn [More]
The roar of a mysterious goddess leads to the sudden disappearance of all ailing patients in a hospital to a land of no return. A event unfolds, questions filled the lips of the people as [More]
JBO Jaguda Baba Ole latest yoruba movie 2022 drama. Yoruba movie New release this week JBO by mercy Aigbe starring Ibrahim Itele (anikurara bale jaguda) Please don’t forget to subscribe to Aseyori TV + ATTRIBUTION [More]
A baddest kingpin and power hungry man, Jide Jago tussles for sovereignty amidst corrupt politics feel untouchable as he causes chaos and mayhem in whosoever crosses his path but when a well trained and intelligent [More]
Imelda Pearls, a medical practitioner is crippled by her childhood experience which makes her resentful until reality dawned on her after an encounter with a young handsome man Terry. Find out more. Featuring: Mosun Filani, [More]
Femi chose to go the route of his mother by accepting the lady she picks for him to marry but this decision puts him in a very tight spot. FOLLOW on IG. TW and FB: [More]
She’s a whirlwind that swiftly sweeps her victims when crossed with. The tension between Sunami and a rivalry gang heats up turbulent power struggles. As the journey for wits and brawls ain’t for the weak [More]
Sidi, a housemaid blessed with foresight can see beyond the ordinary but her troubling skills precede her. However, her vision towards her boss would be the beginning of conflicts to occur between them. Find out [More]
Unearthly being serve as employers to a handsome young man. However, the appearance of two beautiful ladies into his seemingly perfect apartment would birth a roller coaster of events. Find out more. Featuring Wunmi Toriola, [More]
When Chief Anifowose encountered Oyin, he turned from predator to prey. His life began to deteriorate, and his family suffered as a result. Find out what becomes of Chief Anifowoshe in this latest Yoruba Drama [More]
Ajulo’s affair with her junior staff has brought her nothing but humiliation and tears; to her and her long-distance marriage. Find out what happens next in this latest Yoruba Drama movie; AJULO. Showing now on [More]
Lola’s encounter with Sesan Bernard was supposed to be the beginning of a fairy tale love story, but instead, it became the origin of her life’s misery. Find out what happens next in this latest [More]
Akin Thunder 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Ibrahim Yekini
Tough times never last, tough people do. A family man who lived in penury staged a breakthrough for his life. However, this quick fortune causes more harm than good when his only daughter exhibits some [More]
Liverpool vs Manchester City 2-2 Post Match Analysis Liverpool vs Manchester City 2-2 Post Match Reactions Liverpool vs Manchester City 2-2 Post Match Interview Liverpool vs Man City 2-2 Post Match Analysis Liverpool vs Man [More]
The story of a wealthy bachelor who takes no pleasure in women, but the guise of one of his maid’s behavior takes an exception as he finds warmth and happiness in her. Unfortunately, this comes [More]
Tanwa, a beautiful graduate chooses butcher as the love of her life but can he still fit into her social clique when an opportunity arises in creating a better future for herself. Find out more. [More]
The matrimonial journey of a married lady to her husband is fueled by a tiff with her in law who in-turn arranged some pleasurable moments for her brother until the aftermath of these fun go [More]
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What will be the fate of two close knitted friends when they fight for the love of a beautiful young lady. Find out more This movie stars Akinola Akano, Okunnu, Bose Akinola Please SUBSCRIBE to [More]
In Obe Ale, an isolated community school is filled with students with different age limit and disgraceful acts. At the beginning of a new era lies their worst nightmare. Find out more. This movie stars [More]
Omobolaji Johnson, the only daughter of a wealthy man refused to bridle her tongue that will make her pay for her unruly behavior.. Find out more in this educating movie starring Bimbo Oshin, Ibrahim Yekini, [More]
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After experiencing a tragic loss, a beautiful young lady finds affection in Adekunle Liam, a charming young man but unknown to her, he has some sinister plans up his sleeves. Find out more. This movie [More]
A female student is always been bullied in school and she decides education is not her path to success hence she chose to learn a trade which results into so many occurrences. FOLLOW on IG. [More]
To people, Mr and Mrs Samson Adeyemi have a picture perfect marriage but within the walls of their home, their affair is a charade of infidelity and being happy comes at a price. Should a [More]
Olukoti, his words are guided by the deities and his parables, an authority that wields so much power beyond comprehension but when his word is trapped upon, it spill more trouble. Are they ready for [More]
The day is set and the bride is at the altar waiting for her groom to unveil her but the groom is nowhere to be found. Wasiu, a vulganizer, is hired to take the place [More]
STARRING:Steve Show, Bola Bakare, Laide Bakare, Afonja Olaniyi, Kunle Afod and many more. Odunlade Adekola and Ibrahim Chatta: DRAMA: #yorubamovies #africanmovies #latestyorubafilms #faajitv
Despite her health condition, a married lady who shows love and care to her husband is bewildered over her husband’s sudden change in attitude. Will she defeat fate or live in misery when she take [More]
Sunday, a troublesome and unruly young boy who creates havoc in the community is fortunate to be blessed by a wealthy man, there is more that awaits him in his generosity towards him. Find out [More]