"Sunday Igboho stands for freedom, but must align his actions to the law" – Pastor Tunde Bakare

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Serving Overseer, Citadel Global Community Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, calls for caution in the southwest in the face of insecurity.

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Onyii Eze says:

years ago i was arguing with my yoruba friends on Buhari way of treating issues with ipob protesters whom was shot by soldiers, now we are on the same issue on how Buhari is unconcerned when his brothers are oppressing others, Yorubas should stop working with devil and see it as politically intelligent, their decision is hurting them now loosing men of good will to normadic herders

Onyii Eze says:

controversial people everywhere

Sharp and Smart says:

Bakare has been exposed by this interview as a flip-flopper who is neither here nor there…Wonder who the members of his church are since in Nigeria everyone is a pastor…smh

monsuru ajibowo says:

Law might foot

MrLotus says:

Remember that Bakare was born to Fulani father by a Yoruba mother so he has to be technically neutral. One major question I would have love to ask Pastor Bakare is that if things like this happened to your church members killed, raped, kidnapped for ransom for over fifteen years and each of the cases reported to the government law enforcement and nothing has been done to address it and over the case even some of your church members had either detained or lock up for repotting the case of some of clashes, would you not institute your Gideon army vigilante to combat those terrorizing the peace and existence of your members, of course you would certainly take law into your hands, Pastr Bakare it is better said by you because you don’t wear the shoes yet, when you wear the shoe then you can feel how and where it punches you, being a pastor anyway nobody would expect you to talk differently from what you have said because you need to safe your ass.

Leah Ayodele says:

When FULANI herdsmen were killing YORUBAS. Nobody comes out and talk about constitution your constitution that made to Eradicate YORUBAS. Hell with you and your rubbish laws.

Olusola Adesina says:

You comments sounds like a double edged sword yre neither here nor there pastor and with due respect I say make ur mind up which one u dey

Olusola Adesina says:

What about d herdsmen shouldn't they align with d law

Machix Chizy says:

Began with Denial. So it was newspaper creation ??? You can't call a spade a spade.

Olusola Adesina says:

Everyone living outside their terrain do so and abide and respect d laws of dat territory without constituting nuisance so has d fulanis got two or four heads besides and I'll keep repeating dis cows business is exactly dat why should they tangle their business with our lives and I repeat again go to ur sambisa forest it's a large expanse of land use it

Rodericks Bonnie says:

Pastor bakare is a devil's advocate and a typical South West political economist.

Anti Mol says:

In what way?

JON OLOT says:

Oro Yoruba ni igba mi, bi edi, bi epe ati bi asasi ni o. Yoruba eronu. This is existential threats to one own father land. Without security of the land, any effort is simply futile. 10 years ago, we are a failing state. Now, we are officially a FAILED. In addition, we have also become collectively a laughing stock to many countries in Africa and the world at large.

Okezie Okezie says:

So this Bakare has not seen anything wrong with this Fulanies government. He’s covering up again. Na pastor be this one. Una don finished in Nigeria. With all these kidnappings, killings, no road , no security. Yet this pulpit guy is afraid to talk the truth. You and Osibanjo have sold yourselves.

Elizabeth Oyarebu says:

Leave Sunday Igboho alone and tell Buhari your friend to get his killer herdsmen out of the country. God will fight for us. The blood of all those killed my the herdsmen is crying to God in vengeance

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