Sunday Igboho – Latest Yoruba Movie 2017 Premium Action Packed

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Right from the womb, Sunday proves himself powerful by changing his sex to a male child from the female predestined by the Osun Priestess. His father wanted him to be educated but Sunday chooses the path of a warrior.

The event you are about to watch is the true story of the Ife Versus Modakeke Clash in the 90s inwhich Sunday Igboho was proclaimed a hero. Sources and facts of this movie are from indigenes of Ife and Modakeke land, survivals of war, eye witnesses and Sunday Adeniy Adeyemi (Sunday Igboho) himself. Enjoy this Epic Action Packed story of an African Commando.


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Zack Jesse says:

I never knew this guy is a great man

Tetede mondey says:

Sunday igboho part2

Franklin White says:

Remember Franklin White was here 👨‍⚖️⚖


Sunday Igboho leads me here, like if you do the same.

shalom jesseca says:

kon ha bdsk

Lizzy Omowunmi says:

I here to watch this movie because of the recent effort of Sunday Igboho to fight for Odua

Criticalthinking01 says:

I watched it 4 years ago. I'm glad it's still up online. Many people think that Sunday's rise was sudden, I don't blame them; you don't know what you don't know. I first heard of Igboho when Oyinlola was the governor of Osun state.


I need to watch the next 👉🏿

Abdul Rahmon Abdul Raheem says:

Same here also

ocean_mint ocean foods says:

Watching from UK

Mhiz Fortunate says:

Watching this Movie because of Our great Warrior chief Sunday Igboho, May God bless him Abundantly

Musa Adoku Abdulsalam says:

This is a film I must watch the second part for it's cultural uplift, originality, and acceptability. God bless Sunday for this Community in general and Iya Agba in particular.

williams Richardson says:

His recent actions against the herdsmen also led me to watch this movie

Chikah Ihebinandu says:

The Fulanis cup is full in Nigeria and all the killing Fulanization, division hatred and conquest agenda must come to an end Their evil intentions are to reduce the indigenous Nigerians to nothing. The only solution to put these atrocities to end is totally disintegration of Nigeria period.

Ifeoluwa Alawada says:

It's a special feeling to watch such a movie like this, I'm proud of Yoruba culture. The movie is a prophecy, the boldness in Sunday Igboho to the conflicts of Fulani herders is a manifestation of the prophecy.

Ayisat joke says:

Am here for Mr Sunday igboho may God continue to help him, we surely need someone like him in Nigeria to help us stop all those stupid old fool that call themselves government

andrew john says:

Same here bro… Just watching this too

Olalude Damilare says:

this film is a testament to what movies should be. telling us about ourselves. imagine this film was made about 4years ago. be known for something good. consistency breeds result. Sunday can boldly do this because of his heart. at this time, please regardless of your tribe or ethnic background, stand for unity, progress, stand for what is good. may God protect sunday. God will expose anyone who have intentions of sabotaging his efforts.

Kafayat Sijuwade says:

Oloye Sunday igboho make me watch this movie even make me subscribe

ola Mee says:

The real Sunday igboho hails from oyo, fighting the Fulani who wants to take yoruba land.

Taiwo Adediran says:

Waiting for the rest part please

Taiwo Adediran says:

Watching this movie makes me have more love and passion for sunday igboho


Watching from America bc we finally have a TRUE YORUBA WARRIOR HERO!!!!!! We’re so proud


Respect… His action at ibarapaland led me to see this movie, very strong and courageous man. God bless you

Janet ojo says:

Hmmmmm…more than 3years na we are still waiting for part 3 of this movie nawaoooo

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