State Government, Police Authorities Sue For Peace

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Shina Oyemade says:

I understand people of Igangan,Ibarapa and surrounding communities are heated,mad and angry which is understandably and rightly so ,,,,, they should work with Mr.Sunday Adeyemo to give peace a chance,give the Fulani second chances. I was taken aback when I heard one of their representatives speaking fluently Yoruba language accent like the people of the communities. The Fulani(s), l believe have been living there for years. The question is why are they living in the bush? Since they have been there for years in the community,they should be living with the people of the land,(Yorubas), Yorubas in the North don't live in the bush they live among the people,Fulani,Hausa in the North.
Yorubas are not cowards,they are good people,nobody,no one, no other tribes should take their kindness for weakness. Now that the Fulanis have seen that Yorubas don't take no nonsense from nobody they Fulanis should apologize and give respect to the Yorubas.

Samuel Williams says:

The only way this country called Nigeria can be divided is when Yoruba will join hands with igbo in agitating for separation. If the Igbos are doing it for themselves alone and the Yorubas still join with Hausas hoping for one Nigeria, this madness will continue to happen. Enough is enough with this killing of innocent people in Nigeria.

Online Work says:

No fulani forget law

Sectur Lawson says:

Channel tv always betray us when ever is time to say the truth

Doris Odion says:

Now enough is enough

joy peace says:

No,they are killing people, we don't want them, but when they have been destroyed people, no form of meeting

Seun Seun olawoye says:

You this police you are mad

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