South African indigenous 'king' released on warning after cannabis arrest

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The South African Khoisan activist arrested for growing cannabis outside President Cyril Ramaphosa’s office is released on warning. The activist group led by the activist, who calls himself King Khoisan South Africa, has been camping outside the building since 2018.


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Temdri World says:

I guess this came from the pink constitution written before

Agrid says:

Self appointed king of a fictional tribe.

There never was such a singular tribe in history.

"Khoisan" is an academic linguistic abstraction from the 1920s, not a tribe.

Paid publicity stunt for political gain.

Molatelo Felix says:

A king without respect.

Molatelo Felix says:

What is an indigenous king?

Sonwabile Ngoni says:

Law yamasimba tsek

Clean Farm Tv says:

he is very energetic 😂😂

Tell Tracey Your Secret says:

The European made it illegal thousands yrs ago and African still continue this stupid law

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