"Sore loser! An idiot!" Tyson Fury reveals what was said between him & Deontay Wilder after huge win

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Tyson Fury speaks to Steve Bunce and tells him what his words were to Deontay Wilder after their epic fight.

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Joseph Adair says:

Tyson Is a big Legendddddd

Omar Khayam says:

Any fury fans upset with my comments? Know that I am also a fury fan, though not like before.
I still respect him forgetting over his depression etc, even though it was self inflicted, but respect is given where due.
However I do not rate him or respect him as a fighter and boxer…. why? Because he has cheaten… I will send the videos and links proving that fury cheated to anybody that wants to see them. All they got to do is ask, or look it up for themselves by just putting into YouTube search "fury cheated wilder". Please do that before criticising.

Pacavelli 1974 says:

The most devastating puncher????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Maximo Domiguez says:

Wonderwall by oasis in the background, doesn't get more UK than that

Andrew Ellis says:

Theres no way ill get boxing tips of haye ill end up flat broke

David Waddell says:

Frank waren get tyson to kill joshuas reputation

David Waddell says:

Tyson by all means is the best boxer with heart determination instinct and knowledge so best heavyweight boxer to stepup from Britain

David Waddell says:

Ham shank as in w4nk

David Waddell says:

Tyson isnt hurt its motivation

David Waddell says:

Brainwashed YANKS

Ahmed Mohammed says:

Why everyone disagree with me wen I told everyone he has balls of steel

Carlos Muniz says:

The commentator is almost as tall as fury

GeoCalifornian Obregon says:

Tyson Fury is a classy sportsman who loves his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
/Lonewolf Liberties

bofooit gojo says:

I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of fury 5 years ago but now he’s quickly become one of my favorite fighters with not jsut what he does in the ring but out also

Basilio Talco says:

I think fury don’t like the interviewer

Nydz says:

1:03 "i'll just focus on beyonce" these captions lmao

opzz xsin says:

Embarrassment to all men.

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