Shooting 1120 arrows in 1.4 min

100 arrows in 18 seconds.
1000 arrows in 25 seconds.

Arab Archery describes shooting 10 small arrows simultaneously (and does not describe feathers on the arrows) it is like a shotgun, you shoot so many arrows that it is not about precision, one of them probably hit !!!

Power from each arrow is very low but if arrows were poisonous (as many historical arrows were) then arrows hitting in the face or other unprotected areas could be dangerous.

Shooting fast 10 handfuls of 10 arrows are not described anywhere in historical sources, I tried to see if it was possible.
It was possible and whether it has any practical use, it is quite fun!!

Very much is questionable and can certainly be discussed.

Shooting multiple arrows simultaneously is historically controversial.
Is it a trick without practical use?
I doubt there is any historical idea in shooting 2 or 3 arrows at the same time.
If you compare shooting 2-3 arrows quickly one by one, then you get much much higher power and precision by arrow shot one by one, and it takes much longer to put several arrows on the string at the same time to be ready for to shoot.
So you can fast shoot the same number of arrows at the same time, with much higher power and precision, so why shoot 2-3 arrows simultaneously ?

10 arrows at a time is of course debatable too.
Very little power and you use a huge number of arrows.
But if the purpose is to spread as many arrows as possible, then you may only need, very quickly made arrows in poor quality.

Although I very much doubt it was widespread in history that archer shot several arrows at once, I thought it was a fun idea with so many arrows and would share it with others too.

Lars Andersen