Sergio Aguero vs FC Barcelona Home 2007 – 2008

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Aakash Sanjel says:

Man made this Barca defence look like a sunday league defence

Luis Suarez says:

And now he has to retire

Mas Roff says:

Welcome to Barca Aguero

SoLo kAne says:

he destroyed pujol, crazy efficiency, looks like me look at fifa video game, amazing, i remembered this game.

pasGANTIumno says:

damn aguero and forlan:0

G!ancho says:

Crack Kun Agüero el mejor jugador argentino para mí gusto

Worria Abdi Kaaale says:

5:37 he is toying with THIS Barçelona team🤯

Emiliano Sosa says:

Como lo querían lesionar los hijos de puta del Barcelona eh, me dio rabia.

Bobo Skikdi says:

Aguero u 21 better than messi

ADF Ryo says:

What a beast🔥

Apolo Almiron says:

Eso va para el conglomerado de cataluña

J j says:

That day aguero better than messi

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