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Join us in today’s Sunday Service broadcast from The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria – and get ready to receive a life-changing touch from Jesus Christ!

“When the power of God is present, healing and deliverance are just like breathing!” – TB Joshua

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Charity Mubanga says:

I will never forget you 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Charity Mubanga says:

You are always in my heart man of God ❤️❤️

Sam Rawane says:

O holy spirit lead me in Your love guide me in Your truth in the mighty name of Jesus christ

judy Malan says:

When ever iam watching Emmanuel tv i feel God's power prophet Tb Joshua was truly called to change our lives iam who iam today because of him.

Gaone Mosimi says:

God used the Man of God TBJ MIGHTLY. forever grateful to this grace, power and authority

Lusia Nghaamwa says:

Dear prophet TB Joshua. I know i am to cry for myself and think of where my soul will spend eternity, but dear Man of God i realy wish you were around in the physical. I don't think anyone was prepared for your divine departure anytime soon. Prophet leave it for God, man that doesn't play funny dramas no matter what. How did you manage to shut your mouth till God called you back home?you never defended yourself but it doesn't meaning you were only around those who loves you. You overlooked mistakes of others cos you believed in their strengths too. You were amazing. I love you till death. Rest well in heaven sir.

Gohar Mamoyan says:

Amen isus ♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️

Boyd Phiri says:

His legacy will continue to live on, thank you for sharing. Distance is not a barrier neither old Service because Jesus Christ who used TB Joshua is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

z m says:

Wabuta…nanamuhla solo umile umbuto…uyamtsandza na?

anne I. Ghigning F. says:

What a manner Man is Jesus. The Lord God is good all the time. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ the God of TB Joshua. Lord i love you. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ 👏👏👏👏



Dorgas George says:

Good morning and win today Emmanuel God is with us watching here in South Africa Durban

Nora Afetormashie says:

Hallelujah, Amen

Nora Afetormashie says:

Thank you Lord Jesus

Rose Mumonwu says:

Thank you reliable merciful God.

Chipo Garise says:

Amen we must have love for our neighbours in Jesus's name Amen.

Chibueze Amarachi says:

Thank you God for today Sunday service as my love for you keep growing in faith through Christ Jesus our Lord amen

Lutanga Mukao says:

Thank you Jesus Amen

Abiola T. Rashidi says:

Prophet TBJ came uniquely, was used uniquely and left uniquely. The life he lived taught me that life itself is worth living serving God.

Janet Sintema says:

In Christ Jesus I live. I have Dominion over sickness and disease, failure,disappointment, setback, Christ Jesus I live,act,pray, receive mercy and favor in Jesus name Amen.

Tsitsi Duri says:


Tsitsi Duri says:

We will forever live Prophet. Thank you Jesus

Emma From Tema says:

Yes let love lead💞 You are living on our Prophet 💓🔥🔥🔥🇨🇦

Mariama Kante says:

O Homem se foi mas,a palavra permanecerá viva para sempre.

Gbenga Afolayan says:

Great prophet

Orezi oreo says:

thank you Jesus christ


God and his Government are incontestable.

Nyangoma Pelucy says:

Jesus christ deliver my relationship issues I beg

Goodness Chukwu says:

Thank you heavenly Father for today
I Blessed your holy Name Amen 🙏 🙌

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