S.African indigenous king arrested for growing 'weed' at the presidency

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South African police uproot a cannabis garden grown by indigenous Khoisan activists outside President Cyril Ramaphosa’s office for over three years. Police arrest a Khoisan leader who clings to a shoulder-height cannabis plant as they drag it across the presidential lawn in Pretoria.

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Thato Mareli says:

Ka masoabi, matekoane a hae a senyehile.

Thato Mareli says:

Morena o tšoaroa joalo ka ntja? Sena se fosahetse. Tlohela batho ka khotso.

nyawo / foot says:

I'm a south African but this is very annoying this much disrespect for a king

They are embarrassing us if u enforce the law couldn't you find a better way to handle a king with respect ? It is his toreitory don't u respect that ?
but u just act like invaders & untrained law enforcers .

I have never seen something like this happening in our previous presidents.

Noah Bodze says:

I’m glad the “king” dresses like that. Reminds everyone else of how primitive that continent is.

Nicho says:

Shocking! This is the leader of the true ownership of land in SA and our police drags him like potatoes WTF! Would they have done it ,if it was the Zulu king?

Sonwabile Ngoni says:

We are still under apartheid here.

Patrick Hardnick says:

Some scientists please explain to me who did create cannabis…did the creater find it illegal… NO…who did desided it must be illegal… some people just want to be above Gods Law…did you know there's a curse regarding your own Law if you dont live up to it…. 🤔 Read your Bible… or open your eyes

Life Piece says:

My question is are they mixed race like all the colored of south africa?

Blueberry Hill says:

This is disgusting why arrest a man for a plant that’s helping others. He’s not doing anything harmful to others yet they arrest him, it makes not sense

Sibusiso Khumalo says:

Cops are stupid are stoopid sometimes

Vucy Bingwa says:

Black man you are on you own this system is designed to keep poor, humiliate and oppress us like they did to our ancestors, this will never happen in white neighborhoods where cannabis is also planted they know the masters will not allow that

Sibusiso Khumalo says:

Cha asinamaphoyisa sihlalele lezimpaxampaxa ngezisu namabele amaphoyisa ensangu at ngeke balunge ekujaheni izigebengu labomasaka🤣🤣🤣🤣

vuyani ngamlana says:

what are taking from God and Jesus Christ

Thoko Ndlovu says:


Datkasiguy says:

Indigenous people and plants will always be one. Let the people be😎

KC Makgatho says:

Ramaphosa avoided hosting the inaugurations at the Union Buildings because he was afraid that the dignitaries from other countries will see the injustice of what the government is doing to the San people, he decided to do it at the stadium. Today he has no option but to remove them from the premise because people will be coming to the Union Building for visits.

Thats the ANC for you, doing exactly what the apartheid government was doing, this has nothing to do with dagga these people have been using it for the past 3 years they have been at the union buildings.


Shame on u goverment u cannot lock up all the high ranking crims vbs scandal asbestos scandal state capture but u make a big whoo ha over someone that legaly grows # backyard weed is legal!!!!! Shame on u goverment shame on u, what about water and sanitation no we promote those that do not do their job to mnr of tourism shame on u……

Mdu Zulu says:

Peter Tosh said we gonna smoke it inna buk in ham palace and the Khoisan say we gonna plant it inna union building

S Bere says:

Dagga is a natural herd that cures a lot of diseases. Let people use Dagga as they pleases. Alcohol is evenly more dangerous than Dagga. Also the Khoi must be recognized and be represented in all government departments. Why it took so long for President to recognize them. How does CR17 sleep when he knows there are people waiting for three years at his office to be heard.

Greg Pipe says:

I think they should be allowed to grow it but the question is where they grow it. 🤔 Does this not impose on the rights of others.

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