Running 10 Km barefoot on snow!

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I ran 10km barefoot on snow in shorts in the middle of winter. It was a very tough challenge and I ended up having 5 blisters. Go watch the full Video for more Informations!
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Edit by Robin Günther

Filmed by Gian Ragettli

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Andri Ragettli is a Swiss Freeskier and starts in the disciplines Slopestyle and Big Air. He has already won the overall World Cup several times and is currently considered one of the most influential successful freeskiers in the world. In spring of 2017, he also stomped the very first Quad-Cork 1800 and set a world record. Ragettli has also been active as a Vlogger on YouTube since 2018.

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Felix Boeing says:

Andri: checks for blisters to avoid frost bite
Also Andri: keeps running regardless of blisters

tsi2568 says:

My god, this is amazing! Pls do more of these challenges!

Asher Williams says:

I subscribed for the freestyle skiing, and stayed because Andri is insane at everything

Jakub Spurný says:

Wtf bro unreal

Oliver Hügin says:

Ragettli Du besch e geile siech!!!😂😂😂

Anthony Candler says:

Well done Andri crazy but cool!

Gildan Petitmonde says:

Bravoooo !!! 👍👍👍

just win says:

this is insane man, nice video

Photography Labs says:

Grosser respekt bist mein abssolutes vorbild

Mola Mbella says:

Get in to a ring with a lion

Mikko Pow says:

Everybody ist talking about the run (wich is really impressive!)
But what interest me much more is: was that Andris Girlfriend in the clip!?🤔🤩

xyz 008 says:

I'm extremely impressed. Often your videos are about skills that you worked hard on. This time you proof one underrated skill you obviously have like very, very, verrrrrrrrryyy few: Determination and stamina and the sheer power of endurance. Enduring pain and overcome it…. Me being a declared warm shower douchebag kinda guy… I'm probably even more impressed by this challenge than by all the tough things you do and even master so beautifully! Great Guy Andri!

dhfrank72 says:

David Goggins wäre stolz auf dich 👍

Jurre Schipper says:

Absolutely crazy🔥❤️ Wim hof would be proud


Talk about doing it for the tube

Heidi Steiger says:

What about a small ice triathlon? swimming, cycling and running…

Stebo97 says:

Is it not dangerous to get frostbite 🙄 I mean are your toes god ?

Simon Anniés says:

Mad respect man, super inspiring, but WHAT is going on with your left pinky toe? Why is it ABOVE the other toe and not next to it? 🤣

Flurin Brügger says:

Wim Hof 2.0🤙🏼🙌🏻

jason sellers says:

Swim 100ft under ice. World record is 250ft by an Austrian man

Patrick Beaton says:

you da man Andri haha, crazy ass challenge, epic response ! great vlog Robin an Gian. now can someone please get Andri a sponsor like @Duvetica or at least for wool socks haha ! 👏👊✌

The Style Insider says:

Awesome effort 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Valentin Yang says:

Love the challenges, really inspiring

rothko1234 says:

Your videos have such a positive impact on my mood – thanks 🙏 you’re a star ⭐️

The Franklin says:

Brutale Maschine! Respekt 👍👍

peter selie says:

Andri : runs 10k barefoot on snow
also Andri: still wears beanie 😂

CK21 Alchemy says:

brutali leistig 💪🏼💯

peter selie says:

one crazy men

Tino Wampfler says:

What happened to you small toes?

Robert Seidel says:

Dude.. Awesome!!

Where is you jacket from @ about 10min

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