Regina Daniels Ex-Boyfriend Somadina Adinma Congratulates & Supports Her Marriage To a 59yr Old Man?

Regina Daniel’s 20 years old now ex-boyfriend Somadina Adinma has no hard feelings. The actor took to Instagram to engage and congratulate Regina Daniels as she flaunts her latest acquired whip. She responded by reposting the message.

Just weeks ago, News broke that the 18-year-old popular Nollywood actress became the 6th wife to Ned Nwoko, a man 41 years her senior. Regina Daniels is said to have left her handsome boyfriend’s heartbroken and out in the cold street of singletons.

Fans of the two cute Nollywood actors began to suspect them dating early 2017 after this picture surfaced online.
Regina Daniels introduced Somadina Adinma as her boyfriend to her fans on Instagram in 2018, but the picture has now been removed.

Since news spread like wildfire on social media that the actress got married to Ned Nwoko, a London-trained lawyer reputed to be running the biggest law chamber owned by an African in the UK and who is now a politician preparing to return to Nigeria in June 2019 for a senate position. Fans have connected that the source of two other brand new Mercedes Benz, Rolex wristwatch and house the actress flaunted weeks ago on social media are all from her mega rich husband.
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