RajaRam Full set @ Psy-Fi 2017

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RajaRam Full set @ Psy-Fi 2017


doug Miller says:

I thought I was the oldest living spinner in captivity…crap…

Maradnus says:

Not enough people taking acid in the crowd about the way people are dancing. Looks like there’s a lot of people on here with the gentle sways are taking Coke some of the bollocks

Maradnus says:

Playing music where the kick drum and bass isn’t the main focus the main leaders was screaming in your face you can hear a hi hat on the offbeat dudes got fucking sick style keeping it old school real and traditional boom Shanker

Carl Eveleigh says:

First time I've heard this geezer absolutely absolutely sick love the tunes

rishad vk says:

പൊളി,love frome india❤️🇮🇳

Robson Xavier says:

Mestre dos mestres 🚀🛸🤖🙌🏾

Space Cookies ! says:

meh.. chalalalala….. i cant ear this. arrrrgh!

Skankhunt42 says:

Wait are we that old now

kuru kuruya sevda says:

Dayı senin yaşındakiler tansiyonunu ölçüyor 😂

Misael Patriota PS says:


den160891 says:

Rock that house 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

phillip pino says:

It really does not matter what your delivery method is, MP3, CD, Vinyl; what matters is choice of tracks and ability to connect with the crowd. Age is just a number and does not matter when it comes to music appreciation.

SinisterFunk says:

Terrible DJ…but a good Musician. The cobbler should stick to their performance. But as a Grandpa…really cool

Dan Yu says:

Oh My daddy!

Sharun Mathew says:

Super 🇮🇳

Андрей Кандаков says:

Ком мос


No words killing music

SubAir says:

22:10 BEST 😍

Willi the Boo says:

Fuck…der alte hat es übelst drauf 👍🏻👍🏻🖤🖤 bitte mach noch lange weiter

superbike freak85 says:

Track id 12:29

Vassenato says:

idk what thhis is gonna be like but im about to get baked as fuck and listen

Tiwi Slaff says:

…заклинило его что-ли

Valery Skuridina says:


BellPepper says:

I love seeing the elderly dancing to electronic music

Julien Rossignol says:

super paye tes vieux fondus à deux balles avec un coup d'effet en espérant qu'on s'en rende pas compte……….

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