Police Parades Army's Wife, Others Transporting Ammunitions To Bayelsa State Nigeria

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Joaquim Mbala Fidel says:

Militant group

ReplyMNO says:

This is illegal. Why are they being made to give an account to the public before a trial in a court of law..

This is trial by media.. Our country is a joke.

packetmonger23 says:

The Amalgamation Accords will become a useless piece of paper. What the world knows as "Nigeria" will soon disintegrate, and not soon enough. Everything that Satan created on this Earth is now being unraveled, EVERYTHING!

Fredrick Nwanazia says:

Death penalty for anyone involved

Shango Garvey says:

Nigerians don't have a right to remain silent?

David Duval says:

There but for the grace of God go I. Unite people against the evil overlords, don't let them divide and conquer your country. Peace love n faith/ hope

Truth TV says:

Too much talking…. Catch Boko Haram leaders, arrest corrupt politicians, investigate frauds, solve human trafficking and for goodness sake stop carrying umbrellas for common politicians. Then you can talk. For now keep quiet.

Chon A says:

Half bag of rice has caused a big case here.

Seifu Mekuria says:

Why is he holding a microphone?

Arthur Gant says:

Give the people opportunity maybe they wont be traveling guns

Arthur Gant says:

Why you putting your people on blast all over the internet

Rell Blackthrone says:

"I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth" 😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the girl in the red t shirt is hilaaaaaaaaaaaarious

Eric boamah says:

I don’t understand why African natives think they are still living in 1980s. Where you can get up overthrow the government. Or do anything without with the security services watching. Even as I am typing this. They are watching me. Men. Education is priceless.

Mikel John says:

The problem is you keep on arresting and the upper power are releasing them freely

Thomas Eroms says:

This police men don’t know their job. I’m just disappointed in this primitive way of handling something they should investigate to apprehend everyone involved instead leaking useful information on the internet that will allow the criminals network to find a way to escape. What about the men or her husband who set everything up? The police know quite well what happened. They’re using those women as a scapegoat leaving the real criminals behind because of course they are all the same.

tzunammi shadai says:

This officer exposes everyone…

missmsquare says:

The women were used. The man is like every other who use women. Know what you carry. Know who you marry. Men who say women should have respect and not question them….see women who followed instructions without queries….. I guess that's why I am single, I ask too much questions 🤪….I no be zombie ooh…. follow follow no good…

Clenny Antonious braam says:

GOD bless you sir and your tems for your good works

peace nky says:

Thank God for this new security check.
All of them involved must face the wrath of LAW.
That woman with crocodile tears, your husband enemy of his country!!NONSENSE ?!
Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house.
Hope he gets the punishment he deserved.👽

Public Element says:

Thank God… For security in bayelsa..

Anna Orwa says:

Do have to order people to clap if you are making sense?

Anna Orwa says:

To help your country sit down and brain storm where the rain started beating Nigeria. Give those people jobs and see how you will change lives. Instead of this press briefings.

Eka Akan says:

The Officer should step up his speaking abeg, sounds too slow, slurring and boring😎

Goldenz Dancer says:

Corrupt men rule this planet. There needs to be a global uprising

krisboy favour says:

Nigeria government is the craziest in the world

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