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Osinachi Nwachukwu’s Mom & Sisters Share Shocking Things About Osinachi's Marriage -#BBCNewsIgbo

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Osinachi Nwachukwu’s Mom & Sisters Share Shocking Things About Osinachi’s Marriage – Credit: is to our partner station #BBCNewsIgbo

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Njenje Media TV says:

English version:
Mother & Sisters Share Shocking Revelations Over Osinachi's Death – The Full Analysis

oluebube miracle says:

Summary of Peter's heart- he simply doesn't love God.

Mi Mi says:

This is exactly how my brother in law behalf I pray my aunty stay happy in all

Umuru Mbano says:

This woman is full lair and a bad mother inl-aw, i am from Anambra i knows much about this family, because this woman is not telling truth.

Mama, check if you sale your daughter to Mr. Peter or you give your to marry Mr. Peter, because Mr. peter have much reasons to tell you to go out of his house.
The so called your daughter is has a very bad character that no man can bear it.

Mama you are a lair over this matter.

Carol Lloyd says:

I can’t believe this lovely lady was abuse by this ugly man I hope he rot jail Then burn in hell



davies99313 says:

This doesn't sound normal. I'm of the opinion that this man Peter is likely an agent sent to destroy this lady and perhaps, the whole family as well. The whole marriage was never real but a means of getting close enough without inhibition to get the mission accomplished. This shouldn't be viewed as mere toxic marriage but a preplanned murder. This man Peter knows whom he is working for. He must belong somewhere.

Rosemary Nnadi says:

What a wicked husband

Rosemary Nnadi says:

God will punish this Peter..!

Shushu Schatz says:

All i see here in tears,is the story of Dorcas….but its so sad she isnt coming back…Rest in the Lord Osinachi

Children Praise God says:

The church didn't know but sent pastors to beg her family to return after she left her marriage for 1 year?


This man is not using ordinarily power to cover his secret and to keep away and deal with Osinachi and, every member of her family
Osinachi was stil normal the 1st time she ran away for one and a half yrs. After that the evil man came back to pretend that he was sorry but he new what he is planning to do. Quite unfortunate that they all fell for his evil tricks
Only to discover the secret of his former wedding even b4 he captured Osinachi. Rest on Angel. You're in a better place where saints dwell.

Unique_Chinel says:

I cried watching Dis honestly

Unique_Chinel says:

How are we sure if this man Peter, didn't use juju on her

Unique_Chinel says:

This woman suffered oooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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