Megan Thee Stallion Unfollows DaBaby After Tory Lanez Drops ‘SKAT’ Music Video

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Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby had a very productive working relationship. The two rappers proved the strength of their union with successful collaborations such as “Cash Shit,” “Nasty,” and “Cry Baby.”

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That Von Guy says:

Didn’t Meg say she can work with who she wants it’s just business when they didn’t want her working with Cardi or something like that

Jared Lewis says:

Who cares😂😂😂😂😂
Baby big chillin 💯💯💯

Jazz Smith says:

Dababy did this song before the incident & I'm sure he didn't need the ok from Dababy to drop it seeing as it's his song (Tory Lanez) you can tell it's old Dababy has a fade in the video she's being immature like Nicki has been to Drake before

Gabriel Carnero says:

She did the same think to the queen nicki dissing cardi on live with nicki then does a song with her its business

Big 50 says:

That was stupid on his part, cause if its all about business-he'll see more money through collaboration with her vs. Tory🤷‍♂️

wisniere says:

karma never loses an address.

X says:

i swear delusion is the new drug

Michael Midax says:

I knew she was gonna do that shit

Rager Gaming says:

I actually loved only dababy verses in megans songs

king ♍ says:

theestallion donated over $8,000 to cover late fans funeral costs..


Who cares…. Shorty think she run this lmaoooo chill shorty. Omg da baby you lost a follower don’t worry u got back one 😉

Dre Bundy says:

Ah well. She’ll be iight

John Maldonado says:

The Question is? did DA Baby hit it;

08TR 295 says:

He didn’t even shoot her so she want to keep it going Tory still free and no trial so she needs to stop

Diane V says:

DaBaby is the reason why those bs Megan songs were even successful. She is stup!d af to try to alienate him. He can work with who tf he wants!!!!!!!! F&^%$% Meg the strongface. DaBaby doesnt need that strongface b^%$% on his songs anymore.

HIGH LYFE600 says:

So she gon u follow everyone who collabs with Tory , hella petty its business

Monsta R.o.e. says:

The song is better then everything she ever made

Dequan TAngel says:

Megan just being petty

Trioptic3D says:

She petty. But who cares, it's social media. She in her feelings. And she ain't really get shot. All cap!

Sarah Bhattan-Pomeroy says:

Tory BEEN innocent and Meg about to be exposed 🔥

4BredBud says:

Business is Business.

Carttrell Tidwell says:

I think she did right by unfollow dababy

Devante Ifill says:

Wow they was besties tho 👀

Mojo 0 says:

This proves how the people yall look up is childish, she unfollowed dababy omg he finna be soooooo heated!!

lukesjun on'n peut plus says:

Si dababy te konyen manzè lipatap fe kk sa

Chita Chiketa says:


CocoPuffs kr says:

Wow talk about petty situation had nothing to do with him.. wow for making money give me a break.🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

Daemian Nixon says:

She corny…she got "shot". Wht tht got to do with DaBaby?

David Buck says:

I need a lie detector test for both meg n tory asap

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