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L is for Lockdown! I know what you are thinking, Suzelle, where have you been? Well guys, I’ve been in lockdown. One day you feel fine, the next day you feel depressed, the next day you feel happy and excited, the next day you feel like you have coronavirus. That is why, today I’m going to show you how to make an essential lockdown item to make you feel safe and protected — a DIY hand sanitizer station.
#DIYhandsanitizerstation #DIYhandsanitizerdispenser
#DIYhandsanitizer #Lockdown

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DIY? Because anybody can.

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Cat power van zyl says:

I do have Covid 19 and I'm only 11

nobody says:

You else lives in South Africa and watched her tv show on showmax? (Tali''s wedding diary and The baby diary)

Erin Gorman says:

when are you going to make another video

Trailer Life says:

Love it. 😂

Leila Maria says:

There's it😂😂

Octavius Galacticus says:

Suzelle is a mood

Andrea Swemmer says:

Jy moet merge maak

Kim Thacker says:

My Daughter absolutely loooves you and you are so Inspiring – a request please- can you do some shows being more environmentally conscientious…being the Super Suzelle Star that you are

Amanda Mocke says:

Kan we make DIY face mask

Francois Viljoen says:

Ek love jou tv advertensie

FloFeel says:

Great ! So many station are so expensive, I love yours !!

Lover of Life says:

Love the mask! Suzelle for President – Thank you for putting a smile on our faces. (Hello, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.)

Nola St says:

I want a full Afrikaans diy video

B-ANN M says:

The next day…..L is for I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!

Luzani Griesel says:

We llooovvveeee you Suzelle!

Heidi Casimiro says:

where is mariaan

Joanne Sequeira says:

Brilliant I tell you!

Caryn Zimmerman says:

How long is the pvc piping?

Caryn Zimmerman says:

How long is the pvc piping?

Candice Allan says:

There like a bear. Lol

Jonathan Pentz says:


Jannie Mostert says:

You can call it a Stanitizer

Ameer Cader says:

Love the hair 🧒

Random Child says:

Hi Suzelle. I used to watch you like 5 years ago lol.

Gemi11 says:

My favorite you-tuber!

Angelo Daniels says:

Love this dam lady she's so awesome

Henque Heymans says:


Geraldine Gaggia says:

Apparently, is ons vuil. Haha

Geraldine Gaggia says:

Jy maak my lag!

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