Kate Dumpster Dives For Food! | Extreme Cheapskates (Full Episode)

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Meet Extreme Cheapskate and dumpster diver Kate who takes us through her super cheap lifestyle in New York City.

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DerekTheLuchadorian says:

Ngl her bed looks pretty comfortable, a little dirty but I do know that there are some beds like that or smaller that are hella fuckin comfortable

Tesla Nedich says:

Rose is very rude inher house let her live her life and she was pointing

Necta Reen says:

I like her😂

Sami Rivera says:

Robert Redford mated with an Irish setter and rose was the result

Buyce21 says:

Dudes girlfriend was an asshole. No need to be so passive aggressive because someone has way different views on things than you do

Camren Crowe says:

she makes about 70,000 dollars a year- yet she lives like this

Dj N2S says:

Without gas, there's no running hot water. So she's taking freezing cold water. Maybe she boils it but I heard the shower running too.

chicken says:

Ok she seems really sweet tho ngl, I wanna be her friend

Devonna Revell says:

The dollar store has food 🤷🏾‍♀️

Santiago Rodriguez says:

I don't think Rose and Matt can judge anyone with that inside out shirt Matt's wearing. (M A T T >:-) )

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