I'm Dating A Fan

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So this is actually how I met my girlfriend.
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– Sub Josh on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpE5VksCvp6lk35MJYlRs5Q

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eeziee breezy says:

pov: ur here from the sidemen react vid

Ren says:

Im also love to play monopoly

First Name Last Name says:

I like how this video turned from "caspar reveals he has a girlfriend" to "Super Seducer gameplay part 1"

Dulla says:

the super seducer move didnt work cause HE ISNT WEARING ANY SHOES, come on

The girl who really loves Stranger Things says:

A video that has given me hope at last.

The girl who really loves Stranger Things says:

A video that has given me hope at last.

Nikkie Andau says:


Basmah Khan says:

At 3:40 is me giving my friend dating tips when i have never dated and is single 😂😅

jeon says:


FATHER SON?!?! says:

Is his eyes pointing at different directions?

Rarebit says:

That girls my ex…

Phoebe Hunt says:

the old pic is so cute

Wissam Bnr says:

Josh is so cute 😍

Janae Clarice says:

“We talked and talked and talked until I found out she was… a big monopoly player.” 😂😂 only Caspar 😂💜

Lauren Combs says:

Not trying to be rude or anything pertaining to that nature, but WHY is Caspar so famous? Like I legit never heard of him until I saw his roommate, Josh's video of hatching a quail egg.

evie says:

I like one girl for Josh this is how 👇much girls Josh has

Sophie Berry says:

OMG Exeter uni is 15 mins away from me 😂

maerd says:

8 years ago Marzia was a fan of Felix (pewdiepie) then texted him and now they’re married, i expect the same from you 2, just kidding. Unless….?

Margherita Chiarati says:

“Even though Josh was there too third wheeling”
And yep, that’s me

Margherita Chiarati says:

Can Noen Eubanks please do the same thank you bye

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