How to Make a Loadshedding Survival Kit

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Don’t you hate it when the power goes out? Here, my creative tips & tricks for making the ultimate loadshedding survival kit. There’s it, now anybody can be prepared for loadshedding.

A Bitesized DIY Webseries. Because Anybody Can.
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Get what you need for your loadshedding kit from the Checkers

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Lusanda Vongwe says:

Smart content you deliver, im definatelly making that charger for myself

Kwazi's Vlogs says:

Anyone in 2020

altus opperman says:


Marialla says:

You should also add some snacks to your box, so you don't open the fridge as much. Beef jerky, wrapped candies, crackers, canned cheese, etc. are all good choices.

GJ Wentzel says:

Stop the effect of load shedding on your busines.

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Finance options are also available for systems smaller than 20kW (residential/small business), through Cash Africa Finance.

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Adeenah Adam says:

I live in south Africa. I get load shedding Soo much❤💛💚💙💜

Wei-Di Vee says:

Milli Vanilli …. 😂😂😂🖒

Athar Shaikh says:

that was usefull, thank you,😍

Kombatdrew 02 says:

Is it just me, or do the tea light candles inside of the wine glasses with paper cups on top of them make anyone else feel anxious or uneasy; no shade @ suzell, I love you suzell, but that one made me nervous😂

YeahhOKO says:


Nunu Booi says:

1:081:20 I am sooooooo trying that. My charger is not working even though it is not broken on the outside.

Errol Fellows says:

This lady is hilarious!

Carmen Martinez De Marañon says:

You should do more videos

Belinda Saayman says:

your the best YouTuber i ever saw on YOU TUBE i think you have a lot of subscribers

Amani Alli says:

I think that this helped this year with stage 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, !! Literally 😂😂😂

Mia Botha says:

Dis wat ń mens nodig het as j in Suid Afrika bly

Wllptr says:

Guess its time to yank that survival kit out from under the bed…

Derek Clark says:

Stay rad Suzelle!

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