How to Make a DIY Wedding Cake (featuring Tali Babes)

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Today we have a very special guest in the studio, Tali Babes! In this episode we are going to make a DIY Wedding Cake! So excited. The cake has some stunning decorations including a delicious ganache and golden dust of the fairies!

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DIY? Because anybody can.

#DIYWeddingCake #HowToMakeAWeddingCake

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SuzelleDIY created by Julia Anastasopoulos & Ari Kruger

Directed by Ari Kruger
Written by Julia Anastasopoulos, Ari Kruger & Natalia Segerman
Produced by Natalia Segerman
Art Direction by Keren Setton
Edited by Ari Kruger
VFX by Kreagzy
Online by Joshua Trappler
Sound mixed by Adrian Culhane

Suzelle/Tali stand-in Stephanie Anastsopoulos

SuzelleDIY is produced by Sketchbook Studios.


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P Red says:

tjokolit bawhlies!

Mai Rajah says:

Do a video with tali babes being pregnant please.

Elzette Aucamp says:

They look so alike!!!

MrAfricanPenguin says:

Dead 😂😂

planecrazyish says:

You are SO funny and SO talented! 😀

Lea1pop says:

She Actually Looks like Suzelle
Is it suzelle ‘s sister?
And she is really mean

stephen kosloff says:

haha lekker good vids chickies well done – love the fatkoek one just need a koeksister one please – Benfleet UK ex Ge-orge

Anuksunamun 04 says:

They looks like twins!!

Skylar Smith says:

Wow! This is an amazing cake!

Haanim Ely says:

This is so fun! This should be a thing talia vs suzelle

Rahul Sukdeo says:

Suzelle you make the best stuff so if you sis hates it it is fine she is just jealous

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