HİTECH PSY-TRANCE MİX ◉ India Tour OVNI09 – Full Album ▫▲○●◦

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∆ Track List:

01. ANGRY LUNA Versus N.GIN – Big Bhang
02. ANGRY LUNA – Indian Connection
03. ANGRY LUNA Versus WIKILEADZ – Upgraded 2.0
04. ANGRY LUNA – Haitek Yoddha
05. WIKILEADZ – Sorry Bro
06. ANGRY LUNA Versus NEOKONTROL Featuring WIKILEADZ – For You Only
07. POPEK – Krishna Dancing
08. SERIOUS BOT – Paagal Masheen
09. TWISTED KALA Versus ANGRY LUNA – Jadoo Bazaar
10. JARATAH Versus ANGRY LUNA – Pushpaka Vimana


CONSO LeyRows says:

This is what should be playing in speakers of every airport, bus station , subway , street lights taxi cabs everything connected to the same frequency and fuck all “pocket smart gadgets”

jackson blake says:

No I znsk ceek great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍


Άντε γεια

xim CM says:

Pero que POWER en este Album/track, bien puerco

Aritro Das says:

Masterpiece album

bizhat says:

lots of good names – thanks!
— note to self: WIKILEADZ – Sorry Bro 27:50, POPEK – Krishna Dancing 37:20

Andrea Ruiz says:

Yeah Man b
Deneck my respect.
Deneck 🇨🇦🇲🇽Deneck s🙏

vitnerd says:

This is amazing. Everything about this is amazing.

xvator Piratiix says:


xvator Piratiix says:


xvator Piratiix says:

37:20 devdas 😍❤

xvator Piratiix says:


xvator Piratiix says:


ajith bob says:

O.V.N.I. Hitech.powr . <3

ajith bob says:

Nice mind <3

Buku says:

Love that intro🌜🧘🏻‍♂️🌛
i wish it was longer🔱🔱🔱

Shelley Curry says:

i am addicted to this album <3

Filipe Sá says:

10:59 <3

Lucky One says:

fukin hell wow

Vandana C says:

killer track!

Harshil Hirpara says:

Wah wah full power i enjoy trip


THE DYNAMIC………………………………..

Marcus Wright says:


OVNI Records says:

full blast! ovni 5 years india tour 2018 ♪♫

Ηλίας Κόκκαλης says:

only ovni💖💪🍄🚀👽

ferdinand neukum says:

does exist a vinyl version of this album?

jamie miller says:

These guys and aliens are taking over the world. Be prepared to be abducted by Ovni as they reshape the psytrance world.

lamaridingsloth lostinspace. says:

you need, to click on ok.
ok, i click on, ok, okkk

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