Highlights FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club (0-1)

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A goal by Rakitic gives the victory to FC Barcelona in a very equal match against Athletic Club. Matchday 31 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020


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Kinan Elghoul 2 says:

(1-0) not (0-1)

MITTZZ 2002 says:

Last goal of rakitic for Barça
Thank you so much rakitic

Cynthia Kalonda says:

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Cynthia Kalonda says:

It’s so great investing with ZARDUSHACK_ on instagram and got my earning back within 40minutes

abbsnn cose says:

Wow when I clicked in this video I think “wtf Barca lost at home???”

aola wili says:

Super match de ratkic

ilyass ats says:

Good jop
Match+korona not probleam

Callum96 says:

Looks like a game of FIFA

bilishu aliss says:

The coach should give these talented young players chance to perform.

ゆとり世代 says:

Real was strong

Silvestar Badak says:

you can hear fans cheering in the video
even though no1 was at the stadium XD

Like Skylefalker says:

Ihr Lappen seit sooo schlecht 😂 2 zu 2 gegen vigo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Alexandre Maciel says:

NEYMAR já!!!

celebrity journal says:

celebrity journal
If you love Barcelona like this comment

Desporto Português says:

WELCOME TO BARCELONA TRINCAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVa99HfXqo4

Mau Mds says:

I am from Barcelona if barça loses the title it is totally their fault because since the start of the tournament they do not inspire confidence on the field but on paper yes. Their season is like the Champions League return match against La roma and liverpool. For me if ever the real and the barça have a point or two of difference and that I had to choose. Even being from Barcelona, ​​I will give the title to Real by what, unlike barça, when the real plays we see that it is hungry to win, it wants to win, it has the rage to win and even when they play badly or they lose. The barça this year it seems that they believe that the victory in liga is already acquired from the beginning of the season by cr that they have the best players, they have confidence on the liga, … I have very pain for Ter Stegen because with all that he has done and continues to do, he is badly rewarded. So, I am from Barcelona but sincerely even if the barça win, the real will have shown a face which shows that it is the best team compared to the barca.

wnnalis cioov says:

Coincidentally Rakitic scores the same day as Juve agree €80M for Arthur

vultur311 says:

That audience looks like FIFA or PES from Playstation 1

Abdiweli Xherivic says:

What is the name of this commentator please?

Akunwanne Prosper says:

For the first time since I started watching football. Barcelona defence is better than The attack
Just wow.
5 games now
5 clean sheets

Lucas Nascimento says:

#volta Neymar

Hung huynh phuong says:

La Liga beats will be boycotted, no one will gamble anymore ..

mohamed Mohamed says:

!!! ¡Hiciste un desastre! Los enemigos de Albarsa !!! ¡Estás vendiendo Arthur! loco

Будь Мужиком says:


Rodrigo5523 says:

I’ve honestly seen Barcelona play better under valverde than Setien. With valverde Barcelona played at a fast pace and scored more goals and don’t forget that they played spectacularly at home games dominating teams 3-0 or 4-0 and in away games they didn’t play as bad either. With setien they play in a slow boring pace with tons of pasing the ball a lot and not being able to score. At home games Barcelona only wins 1-0 most of the time and in away games barcelona always ties or loses.

Valverde >> setien

سجاد البزوني says:

fank you bartomeu

TheMlado13 says:

Audience graphics in new FIFA looks like shit

c g says:

Ivan Rakitic 👑

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