Divock To The Rescue in TEN GOAL Thriller! – Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal, Penalty Shoot-out Carabao Cup.

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Divock Origi saves Liverpool again as he scores a 90+4 minute goal to equalise 5-5 and take the game into a penalty shoot-out.

You don’t really expect much excitement when going to a league cup game, especially when it’s the 4th round. It’s usually a good chance for a club like Liverpool to showcase some of their youngsters that have come through the academy.

However, in today’s game against Arsenal in the Carabao cup, we were treated to an absolute goal fest. We witness 10 goals in the 90 minutes (2 which were absolute belters from about 30 yards out) from:
LIVERPOOL – Mustafi(og), James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Divock Origi (x2)
ARSENAL – Torreira, Martinelli (x2), Maitland-Niles, Willock.


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The Official Saif says:

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Evan Cassin says:

What a goal from ox

Roger Seow says:

So thrilling match to see Origi Chamberlain Milner and Lallana and the twinkle twinkle little stars of Liverpool played!Well done!Brightest future of Liverpool with all these brilliant youngsters!🌟💪🌠👑

Linason Son says:

Unai out!!!

_carve_the _mark says:

the quality of your video is bloody mind blowing!!! its like im actually there watching from the stands 🙂 keep the videos coming !!! love it bro!

Peter Butler says:

Another boss vid keep it up mate

Jo Jo says:

Wow can’t believe you only have 10k subs! quality video btw. Subbed!

-ATIT_ 1988 says:

I Love Liverpool….

yashwant banshi says:

Gr8 video as usual..keep up the good work brov..

Rezzy says:

Conceded 5 goals against Arsenal… what a joke of a club

R Tooreea says:

It's Curtis Jones. He will be a future football star

YNWA96 says:

Curtis Jones sub was actually genius. Won us the game imo

Pangaea PT says:

Fuck off filming yourself at the match you beaut. Nobody’s arsed!

Mamz Khan says:

Harvey Elliott showed some great quality and the lad Williams who played right back really did well especially towards the end.
Was disappointed with some of the experienced players (excluding Origi) as felt they were not taking the game seriously and came in with the wrong attitude resulting in giving the ball away in dangerous areas on the pitch which lead to us conceding 3 of the goals.
Great spirit by the kids and great mentality with the never say die attitude.
Got to remember most of them haven't even turned 18 yet.

Drex DO says:

Too many mistakes by the defenders…and Joel Gomez shhhh😏
great game to watch seriously and our kids got so much courage when they saw Anfield were full!! Great guys! Great atmosphere!
Arsenal fans during 3-1 up and 4–2 up –
Wheres your famous ATMOSPHERE?!? Haha you guys can go cry a river now our team B beaten them with their almost full of team A (almost)

Idman Abdi says:


Paul shumilov says:

Great video! I think it was Brewster that stood out the most for me.

Nègro Fondamental says:

Great performance from Liverpool

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