Deontay Wilder FINALLY BREAKS SILENCE After Tyson Fury LOSS

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Deontay Wilder talks what’s next after Tyson Fury loss again.


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goofdaoxymoron says:

SALUTE to Wilder!!!

djstarscream says:

Click bait bullshit

Lmr May says:

I thought he had a broken paw?

Lmr May says:

Learn how to box for real Man and I'll Watch you Fight. I Saw this coming from the FIRST Time I layed eye's on this Lop and only minute of Tyson Wilder 3.

Cody Chasteen says:

He did make an excuse. It's not "mumbo jumbo" if it's a fact. Lmfao!

T. Hunt says:

πŸ’£ πŸ’£ πŸ’£

Ju Hef says:

I know your ass in Vegas or LA this weekend seen all the boys but no ego. Know you working though. πŸ’ͺ🏽

BigTony says:

My opinion still the best heavyweight of this Era. Gave us the best 3 fights in the heavyweight division. Gave us countless years of knock outs. gave us exciment with the drama between aj fury dillian Whyte Ortiz Brazil just brought so much attention

Julian Ruiz says:

A true warrior can wait to see you figth again bomb squad

Abbad Ashraf says:

I really want him to go back to africa and talk about catching a body for one day the nerve of this man to do it in america

MrJusttestinghere says:

Despite the the excuses and delusions, Wilder is necessary in the h/w division. I wish him all the best.

King Grayson says:

Bomb squad to this day πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£βœŠπŸΎ

YahawadahGuy says:

You had a good run bro. Hopefully your finances is straight. But you nearly 40 wrap it up partna. You let that fat slob take you down. You let us down. But it's all good keep it moving

Aaron Ortiz says:

Wilder & Teofimo are RELATED ON EXCUSES

Aaron Ortiz says:

As long as Wilder DNT MAKE no mo EXUSES

Chad Maheu says:

Bigger and more skilled fighter bud !!!

Chad Maheu says:

Lol HE was not like that BEFOR BUT he got humbled with that KO BOY !!!

southcentreal says:

You think he should've used the gloves that he's use to? Didn't Wilder switch to the horsehair gloves?

Jake Morrison says:

I love his fights. 5 knockdowns between them in the 3rd fight. Knocked Fury down 4 times all together…not easy to do…But Fury being the Gypsy King, keeps getting up.

I got Wilder at No. 2

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