Coming Up On Skeem Saam (03 -28 June 2019) [Its gonna be Lit]

Coming Up On Skeem Saam (03 -28 June 2019) [Its gonna be Lit]
Monday 3 June 2019
Episode 236

Lehasa pushes Lelo too far. Kwaito is caught in a web of his own lies. Big Boy has a nice surprise for Leshole.

Tuesday 4 June 2019
Episode 237

After the raid, Lehasa gets a disconcerting call from a business associate. MaNtuli learns that someone she truly dislikes is going to be a neighbour. Sthoko’s low paying job starts to frustrate her.

Wednesday 5 June 2019
Episode 238

Lehasa is caught between a rock and a hard place when he discovers he’s met his match. Sthoko is cornered by the pressures of her new situation.

Thursday 6 June 2019
Episode 239

Emkay lets his lips loose about Lehasa’s secret file at the worst time imaginable. There’s a shift in Big Boy’s attitude regarding buying the house. Kwaito is starting to feel the pressure about his pending graduation.

Friday 7 June 2019
Episode 240

Sthoko is tongue-tied when someone confronts her about a lie she’s been telling. Fanie gets apprehensive when he learns that Lehasa knows who Lelo got the file from. Leshole is worried when Big Boy continues being vague about the new house issue.

Monday 10 June 2019
Episode 241

Father and son have a huge argument when the former reneges on a promise he’s made. MaNtuli catches Sthoko in a hurtful lie, and lays the trap for her to trip over. A peeved Lelo throws Lehasa a very tight ultimatum.

Tuesday 11 June 2019
Episode 242

Leshole contemplates breaking the law. Pretty and Sthoko take drastic measures to prevent MaNtuli from going to Sthoko’s school. Lelo is unimpressed when a crisis delays Lehasa from attending to her first.

Wednesday 12 June 2019
Episode 243

Leshole freaks Big Boy out with his disappearing act. Lelo is unsettled to learn that her life might be in danger. Sthoko is caught out in a lie but is determined to fight back.

Thursday 13 June 2019
Episode 244

Leshole’s dream is finally at his fingertips. MaNtuli learns the truth behind Sthoko’s lies. A conversation with Emkay puts the fear of God in Lelo.

Friday 14 June 2019
Episode 245

Father and son make the transaction of their lives. Lehasa is cornered from all angles. Dennis puts his heart on the line but is let down.

Monday 17 June 2019
Episode 246

MaNtuli witnesses a concerning argument between Glenda and Kwaito. Lehasa decides to throw caution to the wind about Lelo. Leshole and Big Boy’s excitement about the house is dampened when they learn that something else is required for them to obtain it.

Tuesday 18 June 2019
Episode 247

Elizabeth finds an unexpected and raging visitor at her doorstep. Granny shares a disconcerting dream she’s had with Celia. Lehasa has an idea on how to hit Marothi where it hurts the most.

Wednesday 19 June 2019
Episode 248

Captain Malebana is stunned by the revelation of another one of Marothi’s long hidden secrets. Kwaito wishes for peace of mind as he struggles to make a decision between his women. Big Boy is relieved when he gets a breakthrough in a matter that has been troubling him.

Thursday 20 June 2019
Episode 249

An overly invested MaNtuli makes life hard for Kwaito. Lehasa is one step closer to making his enemy feel his wrath. Big Boy and Leshole make great sacrifices to achieving their dream.

Friday 21 June 2019
Episode 250

Marothi dodges a bullet but a few more are still aimed at him. MaNtuli gets an idea on how she can stop Lizzy and Kwaito for good. Big Boy and Leshole receive good news.

Monday 24 June 2019
Episode 251

Marothi is shocked when Rachel asks him about the death of someone from his past. A perturbed Principal Thobakgale learns something very disturbing concerning her loved one. Leshole is woken up from a delightful dream.

Tuesday 25 June 2019
Episode 252

An unpleasant surprise tightens the screws on Kwaito. A pompous Big Boy tells his friend where to get off. Rachel’s dark cloud thickens.

Wednesday 26 June 2019
Episode 253

Elias hits Marothi where it hurts the most, rendering him helpless. A peeved Ananias abuses his authority as a landlord, leaving father and son between a rock and a hard place. Kwaito sabotages his own girlfriend by making a certain phone call.

Thursday 27 June 2019
Episode 254

Elias gives Marothi an ultimatum that sends his world into a tailspin. Big Boy and Leshole are close to tasting their dream. MaNtuli makes a ridiculous demand on Kwaito.

Friday 28 June 2019
Episode 255

Big Boy and Leshole finally move into their dream house. Rachel has the sweetest surprise for Marothi. MaNtuli angers Kwaito when she puts financial pressure on him.

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