Chelsea smashed Tottenham 1-0 & How Thomas Tuchel win First Derby – All Reaction HD

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chelsea smashed tottenham 1-0


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silent road says:

Mason Mount is overrated

Yaswan Aziz says:

Tim Sherwood's "Jorginho is better than Kante" Analysis is up there with him singing praises for Jose's football style this season

oussama azzzouz says:

Chelsea smashed Tottenham the guy who wrote this title can you pls quit ur job

Mchacho Richard says:

Sherwood analysis is stop on
Especially about the bit on kante

Syed Adeeb says:

1 Kanté = Work Of 2 DMF's

Savy sus says:

1-0 is smashing? 😭

eL_Tee__ says:

A team winning 1 nil is hardly smashed… ya dobber!

Kevon B says:

Lampard son could of had a brace easily our lads need to work on that final 3rd especially our finishing and decision making.

Paul Rose says:

'Smashed' 1 – 0? I suppose that leaves no acceptable margin to simply be beaten by, if you get beat 1 – 0 and got 'smashed'.

Amar m says:

Chelsea plays hopeless football without shine Touchel wants to do everything to succeed. I don't think he will succeed

Amar m says:

How can you keep setting up a player like Werner without goals and a player like Ziyech who can give a deadly pass at any time because he is German, this is how trainer destroys a player

Foy Lad says:

Chelsea smashed spurs? It was 1-0 and the goal was from a penalty XD

Francis Katende says:

what Dier is doing is Diabolical. Hahahaha

Dadzie Richard says:

The midfiders should need to be clinical in terms of goals

Dadzie Richard says:

Let be patient blue fans

Omar Faruque says:

Did Tim Sherwood just imply that World cup winning, two time Premier league champion(with two different teams), PFA player of the year Ngolo Kante is not intelligent? I hate people calling everything racist but what the fuck?

Jebon says:

0-1 result you call smashed….spurs were very poor…chelsea too…their passes were poor….i thought mason was going to be replace….he made mistake…poor crossing….i saw this is the old chelsea….if the score line 0-9 that is smashed!!!!!

T Spot says:

CP has more than earned a start.

park lane says:

chelsea smashed tottenham ???? a penalty kick gave them the points 🙄

Jamal Osman says:

I'm fans chelsea blue 🌟💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 be strong game

Kabelo Mkhabela says:

Mason Mount literally does nothing but run around on the pitch. I can do that. He’s a freaking attacking midfielder but somehow English pundits and journalists hold him to a different standard to other attacking mids.

We come from Fabregas, a pure no.10 who at some point played a deeper role and his passing range was world class even at a young age. Mount is worlds apart from the standard required for a club challenging for top honors.

People are just pushing vibes with Mount. We’ve had so much better. You need quality to match the City and Liverpool and Mount lacks so much creativity it’s embarrassing.

Kabelo Mkhabela says:

7:48 And that’s why England will never win anything anytime soon😂😂😂

Gary CFC Singh says:

Mason Mount is class put some respect on my boy… In a few years he'll be world class just needs to add goals to his game now…

Junior Lopez says:

"Big guy like a Tammy Abraham or…" hahaha that was too funny. Tammy isn't big at all. Giroud is the only one that fits into that category.

Youtube express says:

As a chelsea fan i can't wait till next season ill take a top 4 finish get halland and upamecano in summer

Andy key says:

The bottom line is Spurs should have got a draw in the last couple of minutes even though they were very dire .

Zairulirwan says:

thats how Chelsea's cobham academy do, they make players listen to manager requests and ideas.

blue_pearl_22 says:

If you think Werner has what it takes to lead our attack moving forward you're delusional. We need to get a world class striker in the summer or we're doomed.

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