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What has this got to do….with D good care Igboho sunday has 4 his people

Fadeke Shodimu says:

Park well. Very irrelevant story.

Aloy Ijeoma says:

tinibu talking about free and fair election.😂😂😂😂😂

Buchi Dyke says:

Is this testimony not enough to arrest both tinubu and the testifier for manipulation of electoral process in a "democratic" system?

Don Denco says:


Taofeek Layeni says:

No more election in2023 , u people have fail, if u like praise igboho till tomorrow, tinubu ambition has fail, our mumu don' do

Ojudayi Solomon says:

Forget about this baba story this your story is a past tense don't Black mail us

John takpe says:

Naija people Ojodu abi kini oroko e ..all na story

Aderonke Obayan says:

Hon Ojudu, this unsolicited information regarding Sunday Ighoho. Today , Sunday Ighoho is fighting a different cause which is in the best interest of the SW and the entire Nigeria as well. Your message sounds like another effort. What do you have to say to the killings of your people by Fulani herdsmen and bandits? Sunday Ighoho is not the problem, FG and the Presidency are. Please use your current position to make changes while you are able. Let us take the bull by the horn and rescue Nigeria from this downward spiral. God bless.

Beedee Kenny says:

Yes!! That was in the past. Everybody has a past… So forget this nonsense we are now in presence….

Ceeza Berry says:

They don start again, but e no concern us…story for the gods

Azik omo says:

Femi Ojodu is a bloody traitor!!!!

Peter Jasten Phiri says:

They are trying to destroy Sunday Igboho because they knew Nigeria's youth are weak intellectually

M B says:

Chief Sunday Igboho already told us that Ladoja was his master then, that he used to call him (my Lord), so Femi should think of better stories to tell if there is any, if not he should hold his peace.
They are only telling us why votes don't count and why we are not making progress.

Wolex Ogunba says:

Well, that was then but THIS IS NOW!

felicia Odunewu says:

Any how he can be followed them but he discovered that all what the leader are doing is not good to people of YORUBA Land so he come out to help us out they are now coming out and say Rubbish it will not work God Almighty will deal with you all Enemies of people of Yoruba Land

Paul Onyeako says:

On my own. Advice. To Sunday. Igboho. He should snub eny. Political. Enemy. Of his people and furg ahead. And do the mind of his peopl. May God. Bless. Him iseee

Gbenga Akande says:

Please stop broadcasting this kind of stories not now at all. Your platform would go down if you continue this way, it should not be about politics please. The tension is high, the Yoruba race is in danger and you keep on producing counterproductive news. Read the atmosphere before broadcasting if you want to retain confidence of the masses on your platform.

Olawale Adedipe says:

I have seen the write up in a WhatsApp chat group from Ekiti which I don't believe the story emanated from Babafemi Ojudu, if it was actually from him, then Ojudu is a sneaky betrayal because having promised Igboho that he will keep it a secret why saying it out now, when the Igboho is in the limelight of popularity?
Secondly, if the write up originated from Ojudu, that show how unintelligent Ojudu is, because as at that time PDP was in control of Federal power, so how would a Police AIG scared Igboho away? And Sunday Adeyemo that I know would not scamper because of an IG of police talkless of AIG. As a betrayal the implication is that Babafemi Ojudu has succeeded in shooting himself in the legal. It obvious that he can not be trusted.Bounce of liars

Nello Ovie says:

You are playing with fire ojodu and tinubu

Kolly Collin says:

Pure Barstard ,Coming out with stupid story that has nothing to do with our people and land safety.. Barstard Omoale Lasan😡

Elizabeth Idemudia says:

We are not after that now, story tellers, all we are saying is the fulanis must go out from our land, all this taik is uncalled for, please

Vital Wisdom Media says:

These guys are bloodthirsty…Sunday Adeyemo is Head and shoulder above all of you. Since herdsmen have been killing Yorubas what have you stinking old fools done about it???..for helping Ibarapa people from sure Fulani herdsmen"s death, now all of you Useless Opportunist are Urinating in your boxers now …this is how Bastard politician plays their game. So Tinubu and Ojudu are implicating themselves now in other to discredit somebody helping his people. None of you is going to win any election in Yoruba land again. Mark my word.

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