😍Benzema's Mother in Tears & Lewandowski Shows Respect to Benzema For Winning Ballon d'Or 2022!

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Karim Benzema has won Ballon d’OR 2022. Lewandowski shows huge respect to Karim Benzema at Ballon d’Or Caremony. Lewandowski walks to Benzema to congratulate him for winning Ballon d’Or, and in Reaction Benzema thanks Lewandowski for his big heart. Zidane gave the Ballon d’Or award to Karim Benzema, and just after winning Ballon d’Or, Benzema’s Mother came on to the stage as she was in tears after huging his Son Karim Benzema for winning Ballon d’Or 2022. Watch Benzema’s Mom reaction to Benzema winning Ballon d’Or.