Scapegoat Latest 2020 Yoruba Movie Drama Starring Femi Adebayo | Iyabo Ojo | Lateef Adedimeji

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A lady doesn’t trust any man because of her past experiences. After her womb is removed due to several abortions, she meets a man who she thinks he’s trustworthy enough but the unexpected happens.
Femi Adebayo, Iyabo Ojo, Madam Saje, Lateef Adedimeji, Remi Surutu.

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Abiogba Kenny says:

I reserve my comment for the part

Kelechi Kenneth says:

Bukumi this is not fair to the man in promise and fulfill it what if he had left u since you lost your womb ? Waiting for the next part

The King of How To's says:

@30:0030:22, …Bhahahahahah 😆! LOL… "won gbe taya ko e lorun…. Bi o ba ku di-e ki wo de odore, taya o bė" …She is too funny… LOL!

Silverdera Haryanfe says:

Posi makes a promise and he fulfilled it and I dnt know y bunkunmi is treating him dis way…Let me reserve my comment till concluding part

xevete crac says:


Johnny Johnson says:

I don't know y couples fake good relationship in front of their own parents 🤷🤷🤷 nice movie 💯💯💯

Jacobs Angel says:

Great moooooooo

Ganiyat Motunrayo says:

Here watching thanks for uploading

jadudu jadu says:

She will lose at the end.. Guys be careful when you make oath with a lady… Always know that God will see us through

Mutiat Abisola says:

Mama been giving us back to back both on Instagram 😍.. ure doing well mama fespris ❤❤❤❤❤

Eniola Hassan says:

Mummy iyabo u are 2 much ma ❤️❤️❤️nice one ma 👌👌much love over 2u😘

Bukola Oladimeji says:

Here watching

Ademola W Ogunsola says:


ben henry says:

Omo Ale ni this Wife…Iyabo ojo you Are bad gbon, Akun OJU lono 2part.

Mariam S says:

Very interesting movies thanks for uploading yoruba play

Hajiah Rofee'ah Harnikeola says:

I'm 💯sure that that Oath is fake.

Waiting for concluding part

Omonijo Mololuwa says:

This is a lesson to all Devil call their self's Men We need Secap goat's among them

Hannah Okoliko says:

No no no,Aunty iyabo has been giving us back to back,all her movies are so interesting,keep it up mama♥️💓

Badmus Rofiyat Omowumi says:

Very interesting

Olapade Bukola says:

Much love for this movie 😍😍😍 good work

Oladipupo Quadri says:

As much as I commend and applauded our own Yoruba Actors.
The problem I'm haveing with some Yoruba Movies this days is the English title instead of Yoruba title given to our movies…..

So, has it gotten to that stage?
The producer or writer of the story can't find a befitting Yoruba name to our movies (his or her own work oo).
I guess is Because of marketing strategies, but at the long-run, it won't speak well of us.


Nassirath Adjoke says:

Watching very interesting waiting for next part thanks for uploading

Adeyanju Lateefat odunayo says:

Waooo this interesting can't just wait for the concluding part… God bless u more MA

Segun Babalola says:

I thought when two lovers take oath it works against anyone who breaks it so how come is the oath not working on the wife as she sleeps around oooo?????

044 O2 says:

This oko agan that is next to God, just like god he speaks and it is done but yet very very blind to not foresee that this woman hasn’t got a womb. Yoruba myths can be very very dangerous, uninformative, lies from money sucking bastards.

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