Phases S2E4: Moving On

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Sunkanmi struggles to come to terms with Gbubemi’s relationship with Ini.

Madboy – Goatness

Yang 21 – Etowa

Yang 21 – Down Low

Joba Aina ft. Buju – Sweet Love

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PlayCookie Selectah says:

You people are just joking with these IG length episodes. Scam!

Ope Adegoke says:

Been loyal, patient with ndani for an awful long time. I love you but I’ve gotta say this. Y’all need to do more than 10 mins honestly. All the series y’all make have such amazing quality, great plot. But please edakun, let’s do better. My fav character is Ini! What’s yours?👇🏽

Chetachi Faustina says:

This is so annoying, just 10 minutes

Dola Disu says:

Between waiting for men’s club and getting short episodes here, you people will not give us hypertension sha or finish us for Sanwo-Olu before

Fadekemi Adeosun says:

Sukanmi is getting bold oooo.

Tasha A says:

Ah 2 vex😖Y are u guys torturing us w/this 9min teaser not even whole 10:53min…abeg we ❤ this show 2 much. At least 20mins

ST4 says:

I love it when a guy asks…❤

Milez says:


Enebi Atuluku says:


Ayomipo Adeniyi says:

It doesn't depend oh. Please askkkk, even if you guys are dating. Consent is key!!

JD Frank says:

No wait , for real…. what are we? a joke? this is just too short

Salami Testimony says:

This is too short😭😭😭😭

Ameenah Tijani says:

Maybe you guys can start the show now, all these ones you're giving us nah snippet

Aisha Firdauss says:

Sukkah don’t leave me!!!!!!!!!!!! x 1000

Bola Oladipo says:

Ndani kilo sele gan gan? Which one is all these 10 mins episodes? I thought this new season will be longer.

Praise El Emokpare says:

In this time and age aah better ask oh to avoid in november 2020 when I met this guy he ass…… Please ask oh

lucas brasi says:

Suki na badt guy! Virgin wey sabi kiss..😜😋

Opeyemi Aminat says:

why is the episode sooo short???plsss you can do better abegg😩

idima ruth says:

What kind of short episode is this👹

david odia says:

Episodes are becoming too short

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