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ombaka benard says:

😂😂😂kalistus is officially a bad influence. Poor philo

tyson filemon says:

This is not good enough… Come on yawa team….. Improve 💔

Samson Oyemechi Anuchi says:


Roseline Cooper says:

I just joke with him n he took it serious

Princess Ezeanya says:

This one got me cracking up😂😂…

BIBLE ME with LouB says:


Youngest Daddy says:

Nice one king k

Bethel Alexander says:

This episode is the best I love it yawagang

Hammed Ajao says:

"Use that same speed and follow him"

Er Anand Singh says:

You are not Kalistus, you are king kali😂👌….big fan from India king kali…🤘

Martin Baleba says:

Philo ❤️

hajar muhammad says:

That man was eating and farting 😂😂😂😂

Sir Pilato says:

King Kalistus "I can explain everything"

Yuukie Kurosaki says:

I am late to the party but never disappointed. Kali! Kali! Kali! Love it.

Temitope Omowumi says:

This was good, brought back the old yawa vibes

infodeskhackers psd says:


Charles Abiebhode says:

Kalistus always has a way to explain 😂😂😂😂

Nwachukwu Chinedu says:

Nice one bro

Airdy _sun says:

King Kali😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love personally

mustapha aliyu jibia says:

Philo and kalistus the bad guy

Nickson Barclay says:

Who else is crushing on Philo

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