HIDDEN SECRET Why MarkAngel Kept His WIFE And DAUGHTERS A Secret all This While, You Never Knew ..

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Onyia Ebele says:

This markangel stuff is fake

Sarah K Channel says:

You are one of the haters.What's wrong if someone decides to keep his/her family a secret.I hate people like.Mind your own business you man.Expose your family and leave other people family alone.Have manners you big man.

Aicha Konate says:

Beautiful family ♥️🙏🏻

Bisi Abudu says:

You are not surpose to revel the secret

isadora nwosu says:

His daughter is beautiful

Melvin Kollie says:

Happy family I'm very happy to hear this ,

Omolola Alade says:

Uncle Mark please greet EMMANUEL and aunty success. Please greet your wife and your baby girl

Omolola Alade says:

God will bless you

Louisa Davidson says:

Beautiul family

NaMjoon's_expensiveGirl says:

It's mark angels daughter's…stop saying congratulations or you have a beautiful daughters to this channel🙄🙄 can't believe there are people that dumb in the world🥴

Mapalo Kunda says:

Kkkkkkk love this guys

Bizou Tyra says:

Why you wear wig on the childrens head

Dream Stars movie production The Gambia says:

Wow I really like mark he's a good actor and comedian and I prefer what he did by hidden his personal life specially his wife

Claricet says:

That is his personal life.

Emily Odioinkhere says:

I don't know markangel was marry

Jabue Dlamini says:

It's his life now anyway Mark you have a beautiful family

Amazing Bun says:

Please hope this video is not useless like the other 🙄

Kirby Wiggins says:

I didn't care if he was married. I watchn him for the comedy. He and Emmanuella are hilarious. He probably didn't say anything about being married because people tend to not support men when they are married as if it give them hope. It none of their business. As we say in the USA, "Mine your business, Karen." Im happy for them.

belau serifat adeola says:

Congrats, uncle mark, you have a beautiful family and a beautiful girl. Congratulations

Havel G says:

The man has a right to keep his life private if he wants to, that is his rights, Seems like some people are jealous of Mark's success, and may be thinking on how to hurt the man and his family. Leave the man business alone.

Maria Dlamini says:

I like this video

Derita Daniel says:

Sometimes it's good to leave your private business out of the public. Mind your business. Nice choice Mark Angel.

Anna Edwards says:

Congrats Mark. May God bless you and your family.

Afeisha Grant says:

He should are keep his secret

rita essoncudjoe says:

i like it because it is very funny

Ketsia Aman says:

So is success mark angel daughter too

Liza Guia says:

I like mark angel comedy a lot very funny..

Yvonne Riley says:

All the best to you mark angel and your lovely family.🇯🇲

Blessing Chinemerem says:

How is that my business

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