Buhari, AfDB President Adesina Meet In Abuja

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Francis A says:

Why did they turn off her microphone? Obviously, you have something to hide.

Equal Rights says:

Africa this is time to come together against our adversaries .

Agbabe Paparazzi says:

Weird meeting, no talking, they just came and left. Where is the Vice President? Hmmm

christ collins says:

Old fools looters 👹👹👺👺👺

mark onye says:

So this meeting is speech less meeting?hahahahahaha Fulani Islamic terrorists abracadabra.
Who is in that mask?

perpetual chukwuma says:

Where professor Yemi Osibanjo our Vice President. I have not seen or heard from him recently even on the news. I hope all is well with him. Please let him speak us ( Nigerians).

cozyhenry1 says:

Bunch of actors. Look at this impostor Of a president that’s moving and behaving like a robot. No presence whatsoever! Shameless people!

Alexander Ifeanyichukwu says:

Nigeria is most useless country in the world. A country where the president doesn't talk, useless fulani's cow brains think they can use everybody Head. Shame to channels tv owner for supporting this greatest Evil against humanity. Judgement await you people soon in Jesus Name Amen.

Vegeance says:

This is clear and the truth. Corona in Nigeria is a scam. President wears no mask others.wear it.

justindyke forbes says:

Channels, tv stations evil supporter , this fake buhari can't speak ..to avoid been caught, haha, your end is around corner

Lucky Aghas says:

Useless buhari God punish you

Osaro Fastors says:

See una..channels TV .una won day come…

Benjamin Immanu'el says:

When trouble sleeps nyanga go wake am wetin e dey find? Wahala!!! 😆😂🤣

Wisdom Nelly says:

Audio government shameless old cargos

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