5 Sad Truth Why Denilson Igwe Left Mark Angel Comedy

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This Video Is About 5 Sad Truth Why Denilson Igwe Left Mark Angel Comedy. Denilson Igwe Wife, Emmanuella and Aunty Success







Eyram Bosrotsi says:

And Delinson why did u use Mark's name if u knew you created it. I always thought it was for Mark

Eyram Bosrotsi says:

See eh they can settle and come back

Mohamed Ware says:

Mark look greedy n cheeky jus frm the look.
I wish Denilson should unite with the others who left like Chukwumeka, Uzy…

The Beauty Mentality says:

Mmmhmm it makes sense🤷🏾‍♀️

Papa The King says:

Bro you are talented just move on

Skyle Matt says:

People should stop listening to one said of the stories, because every story has two sides.

João Neto Dias says:

That’s what money does 💆🏻‍♂️

Muhammad Ali says:

Who else wishes Mark and Denilson reunite and Denilson returns to Mark's comedy

The Real Chinedu's says:

Na waooh for morney wahala.

Molamin Sanneh says:

You lost 1.1M subscribers and did u get permission to do this sorry for spamming on ya videos

Mimi Okosun says:

It’s obvious that Mark is phasing out Emmanuella? I believe Denison

•Sugxr Bxby• says:

Ok ik that ppl are thinking that Mark angel is wicked and rude and all dat, but your guys actually need to stop hating on Mark. He is not using the money on himself but he is using the money for the equipment used in the video. Why don’t ppl just hear Marks side of the story before you judge him. He is a very successful man and u should be proud of him

Humble J. Channel says:

Mark Angel Has always been a greedy and self centered guy right from his secondary school Stingy mark aka Fada Capital high school & Destiny. Even when we had him on our accapella group as the list vocalist of the group. Denison is absolutely right .

official Kevin says:

Denilson please go back to mark angel comedy please we beg you

-{?}- says:

This made me hate mark angel

Trawally Naffie says:

We still 🤫 we love you so much Mark angel hey relax he Is The 👨‍💼 ok🤫🤫🤫👏

Arsenal Rex says:

They should have talked it out cuz Mark Angel Comedy without Denilson is a bit empty and Den comedy is abit plain… u get. I think is not den unpaid maybe his just unhappy about his pay. They should cooperation tog well again and talk it out u know that kind of peace out and be friends

Push Mak B says:

Well, if he wasn’t getting paid, that’s a good enough reason to leave a company!!! Simple!!!

stayhome Please says:

And this is why they call mark wicked man. Makes sense if u think about it

Jessica Wilson says:

Mark why is it that the volum is turn off and on. Why.

Jessica Wilson says:

Mark it seems that you swollo twp pride, Emmanuel and your own. Lol lol

Jocelyn Plan says:

Nice video bro

-Mic’ Flurry- says:

After reading another comment it seems Den Igwe just wanted more money but Mark couldn’t give him because of other expenses and having to pay for equipment but I mean if he wanted to leave good for him it might be expensive though to start out seeing as paying for equipment a camera crew etc is very costly but I mean who knows he can do whatever like he said he’s a “big boy”

Deesha’s world says:

Mark is stingy everybody should be eating fairly 👌🏾

Iyana Somers says:

It doesn't add up how does emmanuelle get fifty thousand a month and ow the cars and build the mansion she built for her parents. I hate when friends part and one chooses to paint a bad picture of the other if mark is so bad why do the others stay . Just part in peace the world is big enough for both of you

SUPERINCOME TV & entertainment says:

Manuche I need an advise from you …I'm an upcoming YouTuber
Can I get ur contact 🙄

Francis Katende says:

why did Denilson agree to the channel being named "Mark Angel Comedgy" in the first place?

Mc Thespis says:

He was the funniest.. Really funny!! His exit was a huge loss

Beatrice Oyetunji says:

I just noticed marks eyebrows now (and I've been watching him for 3yrs) OOF 7:40 wtf is that

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