10 Advanced Footwork Movements for MMA

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Hey guys, Shane here with 10 MMA footwork movements taken from different martial arts styles including Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Balance is key, so make sure your weight is evenly distributed between both legs; keep your shoulders level; and practice these movements daily in your shadowboxing!

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MajinWolf says:

Damn these are a lot, let's get to practice!

保守 says:


UNDGZ.com Team says:

cool content

mamba109 says:

2:42 7. Drop-step is actually something you do in tai chi. It's pretty much the popular superman punch but staying grounded. It's where you throw a right and use an opposing momentum like kicking your right foot back to generate massive power without moving any distance

Jetsada Boonying says:

After trying these I can say that my knees are weak.

Danny Zuko says:

I'm 120kg, and I can't move like you unfortunately

Jason Claude says:

Always nice ro see so much style and efficiency…thank you from Tahiti!

Hunter O’Donnell says:

Just put on some “Suavemente” trust me, it will make it 5x more fun

Pablo Muller says:

Excelentes movimientos muy fluidos

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